Monday, September 10, 2012

Cristy's "Romantic Roses" Afternoon Tea

I attended my first tea at Cristy's  in April 2011.   The theme was "Oriental Cherry Blossoms," and I will be writing about it in an upcoming post.   Cristy's teas are so special that I have returned for six of them.  They are worth the 90 mile drive.
Cristy is a very successful Independent Tea Consultant for Tealightful Treasures, and those in-home tea parties laid the foundation for the theme tea parties she currently hosts in her home.  Her husband, David, graciously supports and assists her.
I wrote about Cristy's August 2011 "Hydrangea Blue and Plum Rose" tea here, but today I'm sharing details from her recent September 8th, "Romantic Roses Afternoon Tea."

Southeastern Michigan experienced 70 degree temperatures with beautiful sunshine on Saturday,  September 8th, perfect for traveling to East Lansing.   Below is the exterior of Cristy's cute, cottage-style house.   As you can tell from the photo, Cristy also enjoys gardening.

Below is our group that attended Saturday's tea.  L-R back row:  Sandy, Lori and Lisa [who is Lori's daughter-in-law and was celebrating a birthday].  Front row:  Me and Courtney [Lori's granddaughter].

As I stated in my April post, Cristy's tea's are worth attending just to see her beautiful tablescapes.   The fresh flowers in the upper left corner of each placemat were our favors to take home, along with the little pink basket in the center that was filled with Dove raspberry dark chocolate swirl candies.
After receiving a moist, warm cloth for our hands,  our tea began with a toast of sparkling red raspberry juice.   It was Cristy and David's 35th Wedding Anniversary, hence the "Romantic Roses" theme!
Cristy normally serves teas from Tealightful Treasures, but since Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this year,  she served Harney & Sons Diamond Jubilee tea - black tea with silver tips, bergamot and citrus flavors.
The first course of our Afternoon Tea was served to us - Raspberry pinwheel Cream Scones with mock Devonshire Cream and Chilled Cucumber Soup.
The rest of the Afternoon Tea was served buffet style.   Below is a photo of the menu that was displayed on the buffet table [and we also got a copy of it to take home]. 
 Crystal Candle and Flower Holder that was the Centerpiece.
Fresh Fruit Assortment - Strawberries, Sliced Kiwi and Pineapple Chunks.
Cheese Topiary
Crackers, Cream Cheese Mints [in the shape of roses], and Mixed Nuts.
BLT Bites [Delicious!]
Spinach Tarts
Sandwich Tier Tray:  Top Tier - Chicken Salad Cream Puffs, Carrot Cake Tea Sandwiches on Raisin-Cinnamon Bread, and Olive/Walnut Spread on Whole Wheat Bread.
Pink Sugared Teapot Cookies with Raspberries and Chocolate Chips.
Decadent Turtle Tassies
Mini Boston Cream Pies
And last, but certainly not least... Lemon Curd Tartlets.
Dare I show you my plate after going around that delicious buffet?  Cristy achieved a nice balance between savories, fruit & cheeses, and desserts.  All this scrumptious food, tea, beautiful tablescape, and elegant atmosphere for $30.00!
As you can see in the photos, Cristy loves beautiful dishes - a girl after my own heart!
Tomorrow's blog will feature Cristy's August 2012 "Country Cottage" High Tea.


  1. Oh, how very lovely! I would drive 90 miles in a heartbeat to have tea there! Beautiful table, delicious food, good friends - what more could one want? And I have some of that Harney & Sons special tea, too, it is yummy. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  2. Oh my goodness. What a glorious tea. I would say that is the most beautifully served tea treats I have seen. Her presentation of everything is outstanding. So much fun for us to see. Glad you got to experience it.
    Ruthie from:

  3. Gorgeous! I know these things take weeks to prepare. She's put so much thought into everything!

  4. Oh my, all those goodies make my mouth water! Her teas are always so lovely ... sure wish she would franchise! What a TREAT to get to attend such thoughtfully-planned and decorated teas.

  5. Wow! This tea is gorgeous in every way. The food had such beautiful attention to the small details and looked delicious. The tablescape was gorgeous also.

  6. I enjoyed seeing your photos from this special event with friends!

  7. What an absolutely beautiful tea that was! The settings were gorgeous and the food divine. Thanks so much for sharing. Quite an inspiration!

  8. What a beautiful place to have tea, Phyllis. Even the menu is lovely. I enjoyed seeing your tea at Cristy's.

  9. I love Tea Parties, I love Tealightful Tea, Now I love You, for sharing these wonderful parties, and I love Cristy. How could I contact her, if you don't mind giving out that info. For privacy: e-mail :
    Thank you very much, Carol


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