Friday, September 7, 2012

Visiting Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

It's hard to believe six years have passed since my hubby and I visited Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Located on the western bank of the Niagara River, and the south shore of Lake Ontario, it's a  quaint  little town, with a nostalgic, old England feel.   It's often referred to as the loveliest town in Ontario.  Our trip was in June, so the town was bustling with people and activity.
We stayed at the Everheart Country Manor Bed and Breakfast on Queenston Street.  It's a restored century house situated on two acres of private gardens, with a view of the Niagara River.   I highly recommend this B & B.  The Inn Keepers were friendly and attentive.
I loved the wrap-around porch, and hubby enjoyed sitting and relaxing on it too.
We stayed in the second floor Garden View Suite.

After checking in at the Bed and Breakfast, the first place we stopped was the McFarland House, located on Niagara Parkway. 
The historic Georgian manor home once belonged to John McFarland.  He and his sons built the house in 1800 from bricks made in a kiln on the property, granted to him by King George III.   Family descendants lived there until 1942 when the house was purchased by The Niagara Parks Commission, restored, and reopened as a historic site in 1959.  It's the oldest property owned by The Niagara Parks Commission, pre-dating the War of 1812.
Below is the side entrance where the tea room and gift shop were located.  In preparation for the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, the house underwent a two year renovation.  The renovation includes a conservatory where tea is now served. 
My hubby and I had a cream tea when we visited [although they offer an Afternoon Tea menu too].  I had Czar Nicholas black tea served in a French Press, with a warm-from-the-oven red raspberry scone with currant jelly.  We ate our scones and sipped our tea outside on the patio by the gardens.
I purchased a tea-themed table runner and tea trivet in their gift shop. 
The photo below is an Internet photo of the front of the house.  Tours are conducted May through Labor Day.
My friend, Linda, at Friendship Tea blog, visited McFarland House this past July and had tea in the new conservatory.  You can read about her visit here.
From McFarland House we drove into town and stopped at Forum Galleries.  The lady who greeted us quickly became a kindred spirit when she told me she had taken tea training from John Harney.  She said she hosted teas in her home, and two of her favorites were a French Tea featuring Claude Monet, and a Silver Tea where she talks about the history of silver equipage.
We purchased six Russian tea glasses from the gallery.  Their only use so far has been a Nutcracker Tea.
The next day we had 12:45 p.m. reservations for Afternoon Tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel.
The hotel was established in 1864 and is a beloved landmark.  Over the years it has had several different names, but it's current name was chosen in honor of the 1901 visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake by the Duke and Duchess of York, who were later crowned King George V and Queen Mary.  The building was completely restored in 1998. 
Jerry and Me  

 Beautiful Hotel Drawing Room.
We were seated in the conservatory overlooking Queen Street. 
Our server was Sandra.
I loved their beautiful Minton China.  The pattern was Haddon Hall, designed by John K.  [I know... it's not proper to turn the china over to peek, but I did!]   Jerry ordered Golden Tippy Assam tea and I ordered Green Jasmine Flowers.
The warm-from-the-oven scones contained Jasmine Tea infused sultanas, served with Strawberry Jam and  Clotted Cream.  Sandwiches were Cucumber & Cream Cheese on Cracked Wheat Bread;  Salmon on Rye with Dill Butter; Ham on White Bread and Egg Salad on Wheat Bread.  Desserts were Mini Mocha-filled Cream Puffs; Chocolate Napoleon; and Strawberry Tartletts.
To the left of where I'm standing is the conservatory where we had Afternoon Tea.  When we left the hotel we walked down Queen Street to browse the quaint shops.
Victoria Gallery was a lovely store filled with lots of  tea selections and tea equipage.  I purchased some tea there to bring home.
[Internet Photo]
There were several antique shops in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  In addition to the Russian tea glasses, I got a set of six, hand-painted china ramekins, and added to my collection of clear glass egg cups.
It's a wonderful place to visit and I look forward to returning.
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  1. Sounds like a fun (and delicious) trip. Now if I could just find a raspberry scone around here...

  2. Hi Phyllis,
    I enjoyed your visit to Niagara-on-the Lake. This last July we traveled to Niagara for a hockey tournment with my daughter and family for a long weekend. The seven of us went to the McFarland House for tea in the conservatory. I enjoyed it so much. I took lots of pictures so should do a post about it sometime. I love the area and would dearly love to go back and explore! Thanks for sharing your lovely trip.

  3. I wonderful post --- and an interesting trip. I'd love to visit there some day.

  4. What a wonderful visit and looks like lots of great places - thanks for sharing with "Open House".

  5. I did the verification 4 times and was going to quit trying but it finally went through......

  6. One of our prettiest areas in Ontario which I like to visit every so often. I was there for a convention a couple of weeks ago and although didn't get to the downtown area, saw some new sights this time. One was the painted ladies I posted about when I got home.
    The tea you and your hubby shared looks lovely - and I always turn over the china to see what the pattern is. :-)

  7. This is on my list of places to visit. Of course rules are made to be broken, I always look under my plate. How else will we learn all there is too know. I remember Linda's visit here too. Just lovely.

  8. I wish you would go back and do all these trips again and TAKE ME WITH YOU! Loved reading that you turned the teacup over to look, as I do that too!


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