Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Hydrangea Blue & Plum Rose Tea Party

In August  of 2011 my girlfriend and I traveled to East Lansing [about an hour and a half drive from my house] to attend a tea party in a private home.  Cristy, the hostess, does fabulous theme teas several times a year.   She leaves no detail undone!  Her food is delicious, but it's worth the trip just to see her tablescapes.  I attended four of her teas last year, but the "Hydrangea Blue and Plum Rose" is my all-time favorite, since blue is my favorite color.

Had I seen light blue Depression glass when I first started collecting, it definitely would have been my first choice, although it is much harder to find than the pink.  I saw very little of it at either one of the Depression Glass shows. It's obvious Cristy is a scrapbooker by the placecards, menus and little purses she made for us to take home.  The purse contained a sample of Blueberry Bouquet Black Tea from Tealightful Treasures.

Isn't this a beautiful tablescape? 

Cristy decorates her living and dining rooms to coordinate with the theme of the tea.

Our first course:  Chilled Blueberry  Soup and a Plum and Pecan Scone.

Second course:   Plum Tomato Quiche with Blueberry & Plum Garden Salad and Blueberry Vinaigrette Dressing, and a Summer Cucumber Cup.

Third Course:  Blueberry Charlotte

It was a wonderful tea!  I'm glad I was able to purchase Cristy's booklet of recipes.


  1. What a beautiful themed event, and well executed! I loved the fan plate with the blueberry Charlotte. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous, and I did not know of the blue depression glass.

  3. What a wonderful tea to be invited to! A dream!

  4. The tablescape is beautiful and I love the blue depression glass. How nice to have the opportunity to have tea here.

  5. Now I wouldn't have thought of pairing those two colors, but the effect (in both the teawares and the food) is simply gorgeous!

  6. How gorgeous! I agree, the light blue DG is so pretty - I have more pink (my first purchases were pink), a little green, a little yellow, and a very few Blue Bubble plates. But I keep my eyes open for it! (Can you tell I love it all?) Enjoyed seeing these pretty pictures.


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