Monday, November 24, 2014

Cranbrook's Holiday Tables, Part II

Today's post picks up where last Friday's left off at Cranbrook's 39th Annual Holiday Tables.

Table #7  "All Aglow for the Holiday"
Sunset Room

Table #8 "We Give Thanks"
Living Room

Table #9 "A 1940's White Christmas"
Living Room

The lady who set this table did it as a tribute to her mother, using her mother's china, crystal, and flatware.  She gave the history of the tablescape items [when and how they were received, and how they were passed down to her].

The mansion has many beautiful fireplaces.

~ Side Table ~

Table #10 "On Gleaming Wings"
Set by the Herb Society of America, Southern Michigan Unit.
 Living Room [Sun Porch is through the French Doors]

~ A side desk ~

#11 "Tea Under the Historic Lights of Cranbrook"
Mr. Booth's Original Office

The table told the brief history of the lighting created by the Edward F. Caldwell Co. for the Booth home.

Below is the entrance to Dining Room where the formal Buffet Tea was served on Thursday, November 20th. The other two days of the event, tablescape #12 "A Charming Holiday Dinner at Cranbrook House" was set in the Dining Room with silver, china, and other items from the Booth family collection.  I enjoyed the tea, but hated to miss seeing the tablescape. I'm sure it was beautiful.

 "Tea Mom" in the photo below.  I chose Harney & Sons Earl Grey.

~ My Plate ~

To prevent visual overload, I'll post the last six tablescapes tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Reflection...

Every person has failed at one time or another, and I'm glad the phrase "failure needn't be final" is true.  We just concluded a sermon series at church titled, "Failures: What God Can Do With Our Mess-Ups."

The Bible's pages are filled with people who failed, but were forgiven and restored by God's grace - Moses, David and Paul to name a few.  One of my favorites is Peter.  Even though his intentions were good, he 'messed up' on several occasions.

Matthew's Gospel gives the account of Peter's denial of our Lord before His arrest and cruxificion, fulfilling Jesus' prophetic words to Peter, "...before the rooster crows, you will deny [disown] me three times."  After it happened, Peter was filled with remorse and wept bitterly.

He could have become mired in defeat every time he heard a rooster crow after that dreadful night of betrayal. But after Jesus' forgiveness and restoration a negative reaction became a beautiful reminder of second chances and new beginnings.  The rooster's crow became a love message from his Lord and Savior - "Cock-a-doodle-doo - Peter I love you! 

Peter learned from his failures, and became a leader in establishing the early church.  I'm so glad failures aren't final!

May God bless your week!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cranbrook's Holiday Tables

On October 24th I wrote a post about ordering my ticket to attend Cranbrook House and Gardens 2014 Holiday Tables.  [The post can be read here.]  This year's theme is Illuminate the Season. Holiday Tables has been a 39-year holiday tradition sponsored by the Auxiliary of Cranbrook House and Gardens, and this year's presentation is the Grand Finale.  It has not been announced yet what event will take the place of Holiday Tables next year. 

Cranbrook was the home of George and Ellen [Scripps] Booth [newspaper magnates], and the second floor is now used for offices of Cranbrook Educational Community.

Yesterday, Holiday Tables was my first Christmas event of 2014.  With snow falling and temperatures in the mid-20's, combined with live Christmas music played on a Steinway piano, it did indeed feel like Christmas.

Below is the front of Cranbrook House, named after the English town from which the Booth family came. Exterior renovations are currently being made to the mansion as you can see in the scaffolding on the right.

Front Entrance - notice the year 1908 above the door - the year the Booth family moved into their new home.

~ Entryway ~

Holiday Tables have been a fundraising event with proceeds going towards preservation and restoration projects.  The Steinway piano in the library was one of the restoration projects, and it provided wonderful ambiance at the event.  It was played by a talented, long-time volunteer.

There were 18 tables this year, and tablescapes 1-6 were in the library, the largest room on the first floor.

Opening day of the three day event was well attended.   I arrived at 11:00 a.m. when the tour began, and left at 1:00 p.m., but the tables could be viewed until 3:00 p.m.

Table #1 - "Home for the Holidays"
Black and Crystal

Each place setting had different china.

Table #2 "Rhapsody in Blue"

Given my love for blue, silver [the table's jewelry], and crystal, this was my all-time favorite. It was put together by four generations of family members, and was absolutely stunning!

Table #3
"Dinner on Board R.M.S. Titanic"

Table #4 "After the Hunt"

~ A place card for Teddy Roosevelt ~

Table #5 "A Pastoral Christmas at the Country Manor"

Table #6 "A Holiday Gathering by Candlelight"

Yesterday's event included a lovely formal buffet tea, which I will include in my next post along with the remaining 12 tables.