Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Downton Abbey Tea at The Whitney

Are you as anxious as I am for the long-awaited Downton Abbey movie to arrive in theaters on September 20th?

Knowing the huge popularity of Downton Abbey I asked if we could do a Downton Abbey tea at The Whitney.  To my delight the answer was yes.  This is the first special event tea I'll be involved in the planning phase since I became the tea director, so I'm very excited about it.

Since several other events are already on the schedule in September, the Downton Abbey tea won't be scheduled until Saturday, October 5th.   For local readers:  You won't be able to make a reservation until it goes up on the website the first of September, so watch their website.  This post is just a 'heads-up.'

Below is the flier I created: [click on to enlarge for reading]

Since period dress is suggested, I've been working on my outfit.  My hubby bought me the teal velour outfit [pictured below] last Christmas, and I've been waiting for just the right occasion to wear it.  I think the Downton Abbey tea will be the perfect opportunity!

My fan and hair piece [ordered from Amazon] arrived in yesterday's mail, and I'm waiting for earrings to arrive.  Now I only need to find T-strapped shoes and I'll be all set.

I'll soon be sharing another tea that I'm busy coordinating for my church on September 7th.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Family Fun

Granddaughter, Isabella, came to spend a few days before school starts back.  She came Thursday evening and went home this afternoon [Sunday].  She'll be 14 next month and is full of fun.

Friday night I couldn't resist grabbing my phone to take a picture of her with her cucumber mask on.  What we women [young and old] won't do to be beautiful!  ;-)

Izzy loves Polish Pierogi, so I sent my hubby to an authentic Pierogi shop on Friday while I was at work to purchase some for dinner.  He bought Potato Cheddar and they were yummy.  For local readers, the shop is Dobre Pierogi, 48899 Hayes Rd., Shelby Township. They're sold individually wrapped [fully cooked and frozen] in packages of 12, and only require heating.

I had been seeing the movie, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" advertised on the Hallmark Channel. It was just released in theaters this weekend, so I picked up our other granddaughter, Brooke, on Saturday afternoon, and the three of us saw the movie together.

They had fun watching the movie and giggling together.  ;-)  All three of us thought it was a great movie.  If you decide to go, take Kleenex with you because it will definitely tug on your heart and get your tear ducts flowing.

~ Izzy and Papa today before church. ~

Granddaughter, Ellie, awaits her visit next.  Our daughter-in-law texted the cute picture of her taken yesterday on their deck.  Wearing her party outfit, she set-up a pretend tea party for her Mommy and her.   Love it!

Our daughter, Lori, has a birthday in a couple of weeks.  She was born while my hubby was in the Air Force stationed in Oklahoma, so we call her our "Oakie."  When I saw this T-shirt advertised on Facebook, I couldn't resist ordering one for her.  I wasn't sure if she'd wear it, but she liked it and said she would. Oklahoma is where 'her story' began.

Plans are underway to celebrate Brooke and Lori's birthdays at a family game day on Labor Day - Corn hole and croquet outside, and table games inside.   Fun!  Hope we have good weather.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

New Tea-themed Fabric

A week or so ago, the moderator of ATAA [Afternoon Tea Across America] Facebook group posted some tea-themed fabric sold at Walmart.  I went to look at it last Saturday and came home with three yards. 

It's high-quality Waverly fabric and comes in white/beige background with black print, and black/gray background with white print.

I bought three yards of the black because I want to have a jacket made to wear at work.  It's perfect for Afternoon Tea.  I bought a pattern for the jacket, now I just have to find someone to sew it because I'm not a seamstress.

If you like tea-themed fabric, be sure to check this Waverly fabric out the next time you're in Walmart.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A Visit to Sweet Shalom Tearoom

I asked for the day off at The Whitney last Friday to travel 90 miles to Sylvania, Ohio for a meet-up with friends at Sweet Shalom tearoom.  My girlfriend, Lori, was my traveling companion, and it was a beautiful day for traveling.

Mary Jane, former owner of Amherst Rose Tearoom in Massillon, Ohio, coordinated the meet-up.  I roomed with Mary Jane when I went to London, England in 2007, and enjoyed many visits to Amherst Rose when it was still in business.

The last time I was at Sweet Shalom was in 2015 for their Downton Abbey tea.  This month's theme was Bats, Birds, Bees and Butterflies [all pollinators].  The tea meal was picnic fare.

~ Dining Room Interior ~

The main purpose for the meet-up was Colleen's visit from California.  She met Mary Jane on an Asian tea trip they made together in 2013.  It just so happened that everyone in our group are members of ATAA [Afternoon Tea Across America], a Yahoo e-group, so we had that in common along with our love of tea and friendship.

~ It was delightful meeting Colleen ~

Our group from L-R:  Eve, Mary Jane [who requested her image not be posted], Colleen, Teresa, Me and Lori.

~ Menu ~

~ Our tea meal began with an Orange Scone with Butter and Jam ~

It was accompanied by Black Current Tea. Our table got to make two tea selections and the other was Midsummer Peach. Later we switched to White Vanilla Grapefruit, but my favorite was Black Currant.

Following our scones was a juicy Watermelon Wedge with Feta Cheese and Balsamic Dressing served on a bed of mixed greens.  It was very good.

Our tiered server held Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, Zesty Deviled Eggs, Potato Salad, Chicken Angelique Tea Sandwiches, Decadent Chocolate Cake, and a yummy Sandwich Cookie.

To go with our dessert of Frosty Coconut Lemon Icebox Pie, we tried Indigo Punch tea - an infusion of rosehips, apple pieces, butterfly pea flowers, lemongrass, lemon peel, raspberry, and a natural honey flavor for sweetness.  It produced a purple hue.

Teresa, who went on the Michigan Tea Tour and Southern Tea Time Getaway, has a tea-themed purse collection.  This time she carried her Mrs. Potts teapot purse that she purchased at Disney World.  So cute!

Sarah, one of the owners, gave a brief program about Bats, Birds, Bees and Butterflies and how all are necessary as pollinators - even bats!  ;-)

After a fun and lengthy time of conversation around the tea table we separated to go our various ways.  

[Teresa, Lori, and Me]

Sweet Shalom has always had a gift shop, but it's a 'Bou-Tea-Que' now with cute clothes and accessories.   Lori and I tried on a couple of things to no avail, but I did purchase a cute hat.

Mary Jane gave each of us a gift bag with tea and stationery items.

Eve gave us a folder of yummy recipes.

And Colleen gave us a bar of Oatmeal Honey soap from Dutton Farm in Rochester, MI - not far from where I live, yet I've never heard of them before.  You learn something new every day!

Thank you, Mary Jane, for coordinating this enjoyable meet-up!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Thursday, August 1, 2019

A Review of Cristy Bennet's Teas

As promised, I'm providing a link to all of Cristy's teas so you'll be able to see them together rather than searching for them individually in my blog archives.  

I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  Just when I thought I had an all-time favorite, Cristy would come up with a theme to rival it.  When you've finished reviewing all the teas, please let me know if you have a favorite.  Or maybe you'll be like me and conclude they're all favorites!  It's been fun reviewing eight years of memories.

The first tea I attended was Oriental Cherry Blossoms.  In addition to being lovely, it was the first tea that introduced me to Cristy so that in itself makes it special!

Thyme in the Garden - June 2011

Tuscan Autumn Aura - October 2011

Country Cottage Tea - August 2012

Romantic Roses - September 2012

Bonjour Paris - February 2013

Daffodil Delight - April 2013

Peaches and Cream - August 2013

Peacock Jewels and Fancy Feathers - August 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's - February 2014

April Showers - April 2014

Hankies, Handbags, & Hats, Oh My! - September 2014

Note:  To read the entire post about each tea, click on the italicized name of the tea.

The final 13 teas will be published in my next post.