Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leaded Glass Hanging and Michael's Finds

Last week I blogged about the leaded glass hanging I purchased at the antique show in Lakeside, Ohio.  My hubby framed and hung it yesterday, so I'm posting it today.  It's the perfect size for the opening, and a lovely addition to my 'tea room' [aka living room].

Also... when I went to Michael's craft store recently to have a picture framed [more on that later], I saw some tea-themed thank you cards and a matching journal. Of course I purchased them!  The sales lady said she had just put them out that day, so if there's a Michael's store in your area you might want to check them out.  At $1.50 each they're a bargain.

Not having studied the French language, I had to look up the meanings.  I hope the website gave me accurate definitions.   C'est bon la vie! means The Good Life.   I knew "Merci" meant thank you, and I learned that beaucoup means a lot.  Thanks for prompting a mini French lesson, Michael's!  ;-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Garden Tea at Meadow Brook Hall

Last Thursday, August 27th, my girlfriend and I attended the 62nd Annual Women's National Farm and Garden Association [Michigan Division] International Tea held at Meadow Brook Hall. The event was co-hosted by Troy Garden Club and Meadow Brook Hall.  It was appropriately held at Meadow Brook since Matilda Dodge Wilson belonged to the Women's National Farm and Garden Assoc. and was a member of multiple garden clubs.

I've been to Meadow Brook Hall numerous times, but never toured the gardens, or viewed the mansion from the back, so it was a new and enjoyable experience.  The first garden we approached was just off the parking lot and side entrance to Meadow Brook, called the Orientation Garden.

~ Side of the mansion leading to the back ~

~ The Knot Garden ~

~ The Pegasus Fountain Garden ~

The photo below is the entrance to the Breakfast Room and Christopher Wren Dining Room.

~ The Patio Garden ~

We meandered our way through gardens and walkways to get to the large white garden tent where we registered and had lunch at noon. 

~ There were almost 300 attendees ~

~ The Troy Garden Club made all the centerpieces ~

After Words of Welcome, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Invocation, lunch was served.

It began with a delicious tomato-based Gazpacho, and roll with herb butter.

 ~ Followed by a Caesar Salad ~

Dessert was Angel Food Cake and Fresh Fruit.  Hot tea was Lipton's tea bags - the only thing about the event that could have been improved.

After lunch a member of Meadow Brook's staff gave a brief history of Meadow Brook Gardens, and Matilda Dodge Wilson's involvement with gardening.  Self-guided tours of the gardens were from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.  Below is the sunken Rose Garden that once contained more than 1,800 roses. The central brick path leads to the Rose Tea Terrace.

Even though late summer, some roses were still blooming.

~ Rose Tea Terrace ~

Then we made our way back up the brick path to the back of the mansion and more gardens. Below is the window in the Christopher Wren Dining Room.

~ The Loggia Terrace ~

~ The English Walled Garden ~

This path led to a Rock Garden and Tea House.  The pointed roof of the Tea House is visible below [top center]. We couldn't go in it because a wedding rehearsal was in progress.

The tea house is also visible on the upper right side of the photo below.  The photo is off center so it wouldn't disturb the wedding party.

~ More of the Rock Garden from the other side of the wall ~

~ The Entrance Bridge to Meadow Brook Hall ~

~ Close-up of Meadow Brook's Forecourt and Entrance ~

~ The Gatsby Garden ~

And lastly, we peeked inside Danny's Log Cabin built in 1926.  It was used as a rustic playhouse by Matilda's young son, Danny Dodge.  Later a "T" shape addition was added for a workshop for him.

Knole Cottage, a three-quarter scale playhouse was also built for Frances Dodge the same year, but we didn't go in it since we've toured it on previous visits.  It's not far from Danny's Cabin. 

I thoroughly enjoyed touring the beautiful gardens.  Even though I'm not a gardener myself, I appreciate seeing the dedicated work of others.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Tea Time Doilies

When I was at Cristy Bennett's Pride and Prejudice [Regency Blue] Tea earlier this month, she had beautiful blue and white tea-time doilies on her tablescape. It probably wasn't proper to ask where she got them, but since I love blue and white I couldn't help myself. Cristy graciously e-mailed me the information [an E-bay Store] and I ordered three different styles.  I'm  sharing them on today's blog.

[33" square]

[27 " rectangle]

[7" round]

I've yet to place my next order for the 15" round place mats, but they're on my 'to do' list. They have many colors and styles of doilies, square cloths, and runners, and it's a fun site to browse.  Google them at Galleria di Giovanni. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

The People's Princess

On this day eighteen years ago Princess Diana died in Paris, France from injuries sustained in a tragic automobile accident.  She was just 36 years old.

~ In Memory ~

Althorp, the Spenser family estate and Diana's final resting place, was on my list of places to visit when I went to England earlier this year, but we ran out of time.  Maybe next visit.  It hardly seems possible that 18 years have lapsed since her death.  I still remember the Saturday night the news of the accident came on television, and her passing in the early hours of Sunday morning.  It was such a sad ending to a young life.

While in England we did, however, see her memorial in Harrods.

And her gown display at Kensington Palace

How wonderful that William and Kate are lovingly keeping her memory alive.  He was just 15 when she died.  She would be so proud of the man he's become, and her two beautiful grandchildren.

~ Rest in Peace, Diana ~

*  *  *

Today I'm joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Reflection...

"Only those who are truly aware of their sin can truly cherish grace." 
~ C. J. Mahoney ~

I'm so grateful God forgives original sin [inherited from Adam], and actual sin [willful transgressions against God's commands] when they're confessed to Him.  

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness."  I John 1:9

He not only forgives us, but removes the sins that separated us from Him as far as the east is from the west!   [Psalm 103:12].   What wonderful, indescribable love!

May God bless your week!

Friday, August 28, 2015

First Ladies 'Tea and Talk' at the Warner Mansion

We hurried home from Lakeside, Ohio last Sunday to attend a First Ladies 'Tea and Talk' at the Warner Mansion in Farmington Hills, MI.  The mansion is the former home of Michigan's 26th Governor, Fred Warner, 1905 - 1911.

I attended a tea there in September 2013 that was held on the large wrap around porch, but this year's tea was held in a tent in the backyard. 

One section of the large wrap around porch was used this year by hat and fascinator designer, Rachelle Willnus, and another section was used to sell teapots - a fundraiser for the mansion.

~ Tea Party Tent ~

On the way to the tent we passed a garden sculpture of Mrs. Martha Warner, and her daughter, Edessa [behind her mother's skirt].

Servers getting things ready for the tea party.

~ Welcoming words ~

~ Place Setting ~

~ Hat Centerpiece ~

~ Earl Grey Tea ~

The entire tea meal was gluten free to promote the business of a local gluten free caterer. Savories: Lemon Tarragon Chicken Salad on Belgium Endive, Spinach Crunch on Vegan Wrap, Prosciutto on Italian Bread, and Egg Salad on Oat Crunch Cracker.

Desserts:  Chocolate Whiskey Cupcake, Lemon Cheesecake, and Vegan Fruit Tart

I forgot to take a picture of the scone and jams . 

Joan McGlincy did an excellent job of impersonating First Lady Edith Wilson - 2nd wife of Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States.

It was a lovely event to conclude a fun-filled weekend!