Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A 50th Wedding Anniversary Trip

The last time I blogged was May 5th, so you might have thought I fell off the face of the earth after such a lengthy lapse of time.  Never fear... I'm alive and well, just enjoying some travel time. My hubby and I left on May 9th for four days in Boston, Massachusetts, followed by four days in New York City.  We returned home yesterday.  The trip was to commemorate our upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 11th.  It doesn't seem possible 50 years have passed so quickly. I'm very grateful God has granted us the blessing of reaching this milestone.

We had a fabulous time, which I'll blog about in detail after I complete two upcoming speaking engagements still requiring preparation, and making favors for 62 ladies for one of the events.

My hubby took the photo below just after we arrived at Boston's Logan Airport, while we were waiting for the shuttle to pick us up to take us to our room at Embassy Suites.

There were lots of tea experiences - more in N.Y.C. than Boston - and I'm looking forward to sharing them all with you.  For now, I'll just share one picture taken of Jerry and me enjoying Afternoon Tea at the Plaza Hotel in N.Y.C.  The plate I'm holding was complimentary in honor of our anniversary.  It held French macarons and chocolate dipped strawberries.  Yum!  I haven't had the courage to step on the scale since I got home.  It took me several weeks to lose 10 pounds, and I hope I didn't gain them all back in nine days!

More later...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vintage Jewelry Tea

I'm not a big jewelry person, but I always enjoy the teas put on by the Northville Historical Society at Mill Race, so I purchased a ticket.  Vicky O'Neil, owner of Victoria's Tea Salon, caters the meal, which is always very good.  The event was held last Sunday afternoon.

The tables in Cady Inn were decorated in blue which was an immediate hit with me.  The jewelry theme was carried out in all the decorations.

Below was my place setting.  Our favor [inside the burgundy box] was a porcelain jewelry box from Victorian Trading. 

The windows were decorated with navy blue bows with brooches in the center.

Above the mantel was a jewel studded mirror, and the mantel displayed jewelry.

More jewelry was displayed on a vintage hutch.

The prize table had jewelry vignettes too.

A beautiful jewelry box was the raffle prize.

It was a well attended event.  The photo below was taken when the ladies first began to arrive.

~ Menu ~

Top and middle tier of the server - desserts and scones.

~ Savory/Sandwich Tier ~

The four savories top-clockwise were:  Cucumber with Dilly Cream Cheese on Italian Bread; Ham Salad on Light Rye [in the shape of a teacup]; Chicken Salad with Apples on Cinnamon Raisin Bread; and Egg Salad with Gherkins on Wheat Bread.

Scones were Lemon Blueberry served with Lemon Curd and Clotted Cream.  Desserts were Raspberry Victorian Sponge Cake; French Chocolate Pecan Truffles; and Oatmeal Cookie with White Chocolate and Craisins.   The tea served throughout the meal was a raspberry black tea. Everything was delicious.

At 2:30 p.m. we walked over to the nearby church for the program.  Unfortunately, I can't provide the name of the speaker, because I misplaced the flier with her name.  Her display was very nice, and her jewelry was for sale.  She sells online through Ruby Lane.

She told us she began her journey of collecting vintage jewelry when her mother passed away and she inherited all her jewelry.

It was a lovely afternoon.  Thank you Northville Historical Society!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Reflection...

The 142nd Kentucky Derby is this coming Friday and Saturday [May 6 and 7th].  In 2015 I read a devotion by Missey Butler that is perfect for today's post.

Missey quoted an unnamed person as saying, "All of us, in our natural state, are just like wild stallions, and until we are completely broken, we are incapable of being fully used by God."

In a paraphrased excerpt she went on to say: Within the confined and dusty stable, the grueling process takes place.  The one-on-one fight for domination can seem to be an unrelenting struggle, a futile fight to the very end... but finally the exhausting struggle is over. The horse quietly succumbs to a place of humble submission, and then a beautiful sight begins to unfold. Gradually, as the horse becomes more responsive to the voice and lead of his master, a new nature emerges, one that is so sensitive that it becomes possible to guide the stallion by reins made of silk threads.  The horse's senses are so fine-tuned to his master's desires that all that is needed is the slightest turn of the wrist, a pull of the silken threads, and the horse obediently follows.

Oh to be that submissive and sensitive to my Master that I obediently follow His leading.

May God bless your week!

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Fabulous Sale

When I retired from my church office job in 2004, Cheryl Nix, owner of Tea by Three tea room asked if I'd like to come and help her.  Her tea room was 'by reservation only' and she hosted many wonderful theme teas.  She closed her business in 2014, and had a large liquidation sale which I attended, and blogged about my purchases.   

A week ago I received notification that Cheryl was having another sale.  The opening day was last Saturday, but I couldn't attend because I was giving my Queen Elizabeth II presentation that day. I remembered she had a Beatrix Potter teapot that wasn't in her first sale, so I e-mailed her asking if it would be in this sale. It was for sale, and she held it. I stopped by after church last Sunday, before heading to my presentation at the assisted living facility.

Many things sold on Saturday.  Part of me was bummed that I missed out, and another part was glad because I really don't need more 'stuff'. But her 'stuff' is beautiful and everything was reasonably priced.

Below is the Beatrix Potter items that I purchased.  There are four more books and two small stuffed animals that aren't pictured.  The entire lot was $45.  I haven't done a Beatrix Potter presentation yet, but I'd like to in the future.

The teapot is manufactured by Sadler for Frederick Warne, 2004 - to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Peter Rabbit.   The mug is also a commemorative bone china piece by Queen's.

The two Peter Rabbit plates are by Wedgwood.

There was a set of four red tartan plaid plates for $6, so those came home with me too. They'll go perfectly with my Sandy Clough Christmas set.  They're made by Horchow.

This week I received another e-mail from Cheryl stating the sale was extended to Thursday and Friday with a lot of new items added.

When I was there last Sunday I saw a set of Royal Albert's Petit Point china [service for four] with square luncheon plate, teacup and saucer, and demitasse cup and saucer for $38. I didn't purchase it, but it lingered in my mind.  When I told my hubby about it he said he'd buy it for me for Mother's Day if it was still there.  Fortunately it was.  It's backstamped made in England.  We went back yesterday and got it.

And, of course, I bought other items too.  I love the cream and gold Sadler teapot pictured below, with it's very unique shape.  It was reasonably priced at $20.

Two teacups and saucers also came home with me.   At $10 each I couldn't resist.  The first is called Golden Rose by Royal Chelsea, and the second is Emerald Isle by Royal Albert in the Ancestral Series.

I left behind red and blue transferware sets, Old Country Roses china, and so much more.  I could easily have brought everything home with me because I loved it all, but discipline prevailed!  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tea for Tuition

My hubby is a school board member for Warren Woods Public Schools.  Once a year they hold a fundraiser dinner to benefit Warren Woods Foundation for Educational Excellence. A week ago, [April 20th] they held their 30th annual dinner, and we attended.  There were lots of silent auction items, but unfortunately I didn't win any.

I was lucky, however, because seated at our table was the attorney for the school district, and his lovely wife, Dona, who I discovered is a tea lover.  Her husband said she's either drinking tea, just finished drinking tea, or is preparing a cup of tea!  Needless to say, we hit it off perfectly.

The Sunday before [April 17] Dona had participated in Mercy High School's 'Tea for Tuition'. Dona graduated from Mercy High School [Farmington Hills, MI], so she volunteered to decorate and host a table. Her photos were so beautiful I asked permission to share them with you.

~ Dona [left] and Me ~

Owning a lady's bust garden sculpture [a gift from her mother-in-law previously], she used it as her centerpiece.  I like that she placed it off-center instead of in the center so it didn't obstruct anyone's view.  Isn't it lovely?  She'll be hosting a Mother's Day brunch at her home and plans to use it again for that.

A nice idea to offer iced tea as well as hot tea.

Isn't Dona's china beautiful?  The pattern is Victorian Violets by Hammersley.  She even has a water pitcher and glasses to match.

Unbeknownst to her beforehand, the printed menu coordinated with her orchid color scheme.

~ The tea served was from Simpson and Vale ~

We not only enjoyed talking about tea throughout our meal, but J.L. Hudson's Department Store as well. Dona remembered eating at Hudson's several times, and told me about two items on the children's menu. 

It was delightful meeting Dona and sharing the evening with her.  I hope we have the opportunity to meet again over tea.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Enjoying Tea With Friends

Yesterday I traveled to a city near my childhood stomping grounds to meet a group of Jr. and Sr. High girlfriends for dinner.  The restaurant varies every month, but this month's location was Macy's [located in a former J.L. Hudson's store] in Southland Mall, Taylor, MI. That particular location was selected because everyone was hungry for a Hudson's Maurice Salad.

Our waitress brought a tableside box of China Mist tea for me to choose from.  I selected Organic Earl Grey, which was very good.  I don't usually drink tea at 5:30 in the afternoon, but fortunately it didn't keep me awake last night.

All eight of us ordered a Maurice Salad, but I ordered a "starter" which is luncheon size accompanied by a cup of soup.  I chose Hudson's popular Canadian Cheese soup.  

I had already begun eating when it occurred to me I hadn't taken a picture - hence my somewhat messy 'cup' [really a bowl] of soup.

Some of the girls finished their meal with a hot fudge ice cream puff, and I wanted one too, but since I'm trying to shed some pounds I resisted temptation.  When we were all finished eating our waitress took our picture.  Only one in our 'circle of friends' was unable to make it. After the passage of almost 51 years since we graduated from high school, we're very happy to still be connected.  The two gals at the far end of the table were in my wedding. Elaine [left] was a bridesmaid, and Sandy [right] was my maid of honor.

And speaking of J.L. Hudson's... I'm off to WBRW TV Station this morning to take them a chocolate mound cakes as a thank you for the filming of the J.L. Hudson's TV show last month.