Monday, September 3, 2012

A "Sound of Music" Birthday Tea

Lori's fifth musical birthday tea took us on an imaginary trip to Austria to celebrate the Sound of Music movie that was filmed in Salzburg, Austria, and released in 1965.  The setting was the late 1930's just before World War II and the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany.  The movie starred Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and seven young actors who played the roles of the von Trapp children.
The Invitation [front side]
[reverse side]
The same dinnerware and layered linens were used with the addition of blue napkins. To help carry out the theme, a miniature Austrian flag was purchased for the center of the tablescape, as well as a new 1995 Maria Barbie doll [complete with guitar!] and an 8 x 10 photo from the film, attained through E-bay.   A borrowed rosary represented Mother Superior and Maria's role in the beginning of the movie.   I have never heard Lori say which birthday tea was her favorite, but this was definitely mine.  [But every tea I do is my favorite at the time.  ;-)]  I watched the movie a couple of times and listened to the sound tract repeatedly as I prepared for the tea. 
The menu card displayed the invitation on the reverse side.
Place cards were felt Edelweiss hats that I made.  As a bit of Austrian trivia, Edelweiss is the national flower, but the song is not the country's national anthem.  It was the last song Oscar Hammerstein II wrote before his death in 1960.  I searched in vain for live Edelweiss flowers for the tablescape, but had to settle for silk, similar looking flowers.
The song, "My Favorite Things", provided inspiration for the favors, Lindt chocolate truffle bars, that were wrapped in "brown paper packages tied up with strings."   If time would have permitted, I would have much preferred ordering Reber Mozart chocolate bars instead, since the famous composer, Wolfgang Mozart grew up in Salzburg, Austria.  But the Swiss-made chocolate bars were a nice substitute. 
The menu card read:  "Let's start at the beginning... a very good place to start..."
Teas:  Harney & Son's Cranberry Autumn Black Tea [Hot]
Peach Apricot [Iced]
Appetizer:  Maria's Swiss Fondue in individual Bread Bowls.
Soup and Scone Course:
Captain Von Trapp's Potato Soup Garnished with Bacon Bits and Cheese
Liesl's Cranberry Scones & Jam

Main Entrée:
Friedrich's Marinated Pork Kabobs
Louisa's Spatzle
Marta's Sauerkraut 
And even though it wasn't eaten, I had to offer a plate of jam and bread from the song, Do-Re-Mi!  The line, "Te, a drink with jam and bread" was printed on the invitation.
Dessert:  Gretl's "Crisp Apple Strudel" with Vanilla Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce
[From the song, My Favorite Things]
L-R:  Marissa, Ruth, Me, Lori, Betty and Tiffany
This tea had so many possibilities for carrying out the theme.   I attempted to get a guitarist to come for a sing-a-long, but both of my contacts had other commitments.  No problem, we still had the piano and two fabulous teachers to play it. 
I also considered some marionette puppets that I saw at an antique store, but wondered what I'd so with them after the tea, so passed on the idea.   
This concludes the musical birthday tea series, until the September 15, 2012 birthday tea transpires.
"So Long... Farewell..."



  1. One of my favorite movies, and what a great job you did with the theme for this tea! Your menu is wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do this year. Have a blessed Labor Day.

  2. Beautiful tea party! Can't wait to hear about the 2012 event.

  3. This was a great theme! I'm with Linda, can't wait to hear about this years tea!

  4. Love how you incorporated the theme so beautifully!

  5. Gorgeous.
    I want to do something like this for my birthday one day (since I'm unhealthily obsessed with this film). I also have that Barbie doll.


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