Friday, September 14, 2012

Cristy's "Tuscan Autumn Aura" High Tea

My girlfriend, Lori, and I attended Cristy's "Tuscan Autumn Aura" High Tea in October, 2011.  Despite the glare in the mirror, you can still see how lovely it's decorated for fall.


Notice how Cristy layers her linens.  [Wonder if she heard April Cornell do a layered linen demonstration too?]  Below was my place setting.
Cristy scrapbooked personalized menu cards for each guest to take home.  

First course: Savory Cheesy Basil Scone and Creamy Tomato Soup. 

Second Course:  Italian Torte, Antipasto Kabob and Autumn Fruit Cup.

I made the Italian Torte and Savory Cheesy Basil Scones from Cristy's recipes for a tea I blogged about here.   They are delicious!

Third Course:  Italian Cheesecake.

Two Tealightful Teas were served at the high tea - a green and a black tea.

This concludes my series on Cristy's Teas.  I hope you've enjoyed them and maybe gotten an idea or two to use for your tea parties.



  1. Beautiful! Love the pretty fall colors and the layers.

  2. Another lovely tea with Cristy.
    I do like the layered linen look and do that often with my vintage tablecloths.

  3. Just beautiful! I still can't believe someone pulls off such elegant teas on a regular basis IN HER HOME. Fabulous!


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