Friday, June 15, 2012

My Tea Time Jewelry Collection

I've been preparing to participate in a neighborhood garage sale next week - which means cleaning out closets, drawers, cupboards, etc. 

I peeked inside my tea jewelry box, but didn't find anything I was willing to part with!  ;-)  

I remembered sending photos of my tea jewelry to my friend Angela, at Tea With Friends blog,  back in June of 2010 when she was blogging about her tea  jewelry collection.  I decided it would be fun to share those photos on my blog today.  I'm not a big jewelry person, so my collection isn't real extensive or expensive, but I've had fun acquiring it.

 Brooches - Some glitzy, some not.
[click on photo to enlarge for better viewing]

This was my Sandy Clough tea lady pin.  


This teapot pendant is gold and silver so it's interchangeable with a silver necklace too.

Bracelets and Watch
This bracelet is from my friend Linda, at Friendship Tea blog.  Her daughter made it.

I love these because they're from my sweet granddaughter, Tiffany, when she was in Middle School.   She's now a Junior in college!

The watch was a Mother's Day present one year.


Do you collect tea-themed jewelry?  If so, please share!

~ Giveaway ~

If you haven't seen the giveaway I posted on yesterday's blog, please take a moment to do so.   You can still leave a comment there through Sunday night.   Good luck!


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  2. LOVE your tea time jewelry! I would not be wanting to part with any of those, either. In fact, I'd be looking for more at the garage sale! I have a bracelet with teapots, and a little teapot pin, but am always looking for teapots and teacups in any form, especially BLINGY ones. :-)

  3. What a lovely assortment of pieces!

  4. You have a great collection of tea themed jewelry. You and I have very few of the same pieces. I will just have to keep my eye out for more to add to my collection. :-)

  5. Hi Phyllis, You say your collection is not extensive; I beg to differ! Lots of lovely pieces! I love the ceramic tea cup and the silver plated teaset with the matching earrings! I don't have ANY tea jewelry. I'm not really a jewelry person. Just a ring on each hand, earrings, and watch most days. Have a great wknd!

  6. Love your jewelry collection! I see many that I own, and some that I would like to have! When I read your first sentence, I was going to plan a roadtrip to the neighborhood garage sale! Knew it couldn't be true!

  7. What a collection of jewelry you have! My goodness. I guess people always know what to get you. Plus, the hunt is more than half the fun, I bet.
    Please come visit Lady B and me, Ruthie at:

  8. Love-love-love seeing all your tea jewelry and ogling all the many pieces I don't have! Have I seen a tea-themed watch like that before? Hmmm. Must start checking eBay more often, ha!

  9. Those are beautiful and priceless pieces. So, it is totally understandable if you did not include them on your garage sale event. Please do keep and take care of them. :)


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