Monday, June 11, 2012

A June Bride

On June 11th, at a 6:00 p.m. candlelight ceremony, I married my high school sweetheart...

and became an Air Force wife.

 Time marched on...

and our three wonderful children grew up [as we grew older!]...

got married, and gave us beautiful grandchildren. 

God has blessed us immeasurably as the circle of life continues!

A British Ellgreave Staffordshire teapot [pictured below] has been with us from day one!  It was a bridal shower gift, and after all these years I still remember the lady who gave it to us.   I wasn't a tea drinker back then, but our teapot waited patiently!

We toasted our many years together at an anniversary dinner - he with his iced tea and me with my hot tea!

Happy Anniversary, Jerry! 

Thanks for ALL the tea rooms you've visited with me and cups of tea you've drank since I became smitten with "all things tea" in 1997!   Love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary and God Bless.

  2. Happy anniversary! And may God bless you with many more happy years. I love your teapot. How special you have had it this long! I would have had trouble passing up the have a strong will...and lots of commonsense! LOL! Thanks for sharing your special day!

  3. Happy Anniversary, and I'm raising my teacup to many more wonderful memories!

  4. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrate 48 years on Wednesday. I imagine there are alot of June brides celebrating this month. I will join in raising a cup of tea to you.

  5. Happy Anniversary! This is a beautiful post!

  6. You were a stunning bride!! Congratulations and happy, happy anniversary.

  7. Fabulous photos! And Happy Anniversary to you!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both, and many many more to come!

  9. Such a radiant bride you were, Phyllis. Happy Anniversary to you and Jerry and a wish for many more years of making memories together.

  10. I'm a little late, but Happy Anniversary to you both!


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