Monday, June 18, 2012

How it all Began... My Tea Journey

Tea journeys are unique and interesting.  Every tea lover  has one.   Since I'm always fascinated by the tea journeys of others, I've decided to chronicle my journey into the wonderful world of tea over my next few posts.

Some people have a deep tea heritage, but I didn't.   I have few recollections of tea being drunk in my childhood home, except for occasional glasses of iced tea in the summertime, or when my mother was sick - the only time she ever prepared hot tea.    As a result,  my mental perception of tea for many years was medicinal - and who likes medicine?   Mom's tea selection didn't help stimulate my interest either since she always used Lipton's black, unflavored teabags.  It wasn't until years later, when my mother-in-law introduced me to Bigelow's Constant Comment [her favorite tea], that I even knew other choices existed.  But I was still a long was from becoming a devoted tea drinker.

My mother loved dishware, and had a pretty teacup collection even though she never used them for tea consumption.    Her love for pretty dishware was an influence I acquired, and was one of the the links that connected me to tea.  

I attended my first tea party in 1998.  A friend from church hosted a surprise 70th birthday tea party for her mother, and I was blessed  to be one of the recipients of an invitation.  I was in awe from the moment I arrived, and I wasn't even the guest of honor!

For me, tea was an acquired taste that developed over time, but I immediately LOVED the ambiance and charm of the tea party - the beautiful tablescape, the delicious dainty foods, the feeling of being pampered and treated so special, and the intimate atmosphere for pleasant conversation with friends.   I was "hooked" with that first tea party and determined I would learn to enjoy drinking tea.  I am forever grateful to my friend, Dawn, for introducing me to the pleasures of tea in such a beautiful setting! 

When I returned home from the tea party, I got out the phone directory in search of tea room listings to perpetuate my new-found love of "taking tea."    The first tea room I visited was the Victorian Rose in Rochester, MI.   I blogged about the tea room here.    

Tea journey continued...

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  1. How fun to hear how you became a devotee of tea! Nice to get to know you better. Thanks for your visit. Most rooms in my home are some shade of blue. The Wedgwood factory, and now the museum tours are a favorite place to visit in Stoke. I always come home with something...but it's always blue!

  2. I love reading about personal tea journeys, and look forward to hearing more about yours.

  3. I am so glad you are sharing this. I love hearing how different people got into their journeys with tea. Each is so different.

  4. Wow, Phyllis, our early tea experiences (or "non-experiences," as it were) are quite, quite similar--even down to a shared love for dishes with my mother! And our timelines for falling in love with tea are similar as well. No wonder we are such kindred spirits!


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