Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Lakes Depression Glass Show

Last July I began communicating with a lovely lady [via E-mail] who is an antique dealer.  I  had purchased some Detroit department store memorabilia from her booth at a local antique store, and I wanted to inquire whether she had additional items for sale.  Eventually we met face-to-face, first at her house, and then at mine.   During one of our visits she told me about Michigan's two Depression glass clubs, both located in southeastern Michigan.   She is a member of the Great Lakes Depression Glass Club, and invited me to attend the November meeting as her guest.  The featured item that month was handled serving trays.  What fun seeing the collections some of the members displayed. 

My friend mentioned that the Michigan Depression Glass Club was hosting a show in November where Depression glass and other era glassware made in America from the 1920's to the 1960's would be displayed and available for purchase.   My girlfriend and I attended and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

I have a collection of pink Depression glass so I was especially drawn to the pink glass displays.

This past Saturday [April 21] the Great Lakes Depression Glass Club hosted their annual show, and my girlfriend and I went again.  What a fabulous show with even more vendors and glassware than the November show.   I drooled over a few items, but came home empty handed.  There were several pieces of the Tea Room pattern in both pink and green.  Some  reasonably priced, and others pricey.   But there were no "Petals" dishes.


After seeing all the beautiful glassware, I was inspired to come home and bring my totes of pink Depression glass up from the basement that I packed away during a family room renovation.   Over the extended period of time I forgot exactly what I had, so I decided to catalog my collection.  It'll be great  knowing what I have when I attend these shows or go  antiquing.   The photo below shows two totes, with one more to unpack.  I'm having some friends over for lunch this Wednesday.  Can you guess what my tablescape will be?  ;-) 


  1. Fun!! I look forward to seeing your tablescape photos.

  2. Pretty and Pink! A fabulous collection. They will make a beautiful Spring tablescape. Perhaps you could put some cherry blossoms in that amazing vase.

  3. Lovely! Isn't it fun to have collector clubs and shows to go to? Truly eye candy!

  4. Lucky you, Phyllis! You have lots and lots of beautiful depression glass. I think it is absolutely gorgeous! I have a few pieces from my mother-in-law and would love more. I look forward to your tablescape!
    Blessings, Beth

  5. Oh, how special! I love depression glass - brings memories of my grandmother. I should collect some.

  6. Good heavens! Look at all that magnificent pink glassware. Drooling here! ;)

  7. Love this glass show when it travels to Oregon. When I started collecting I collected the green depression glass, now I am drawn to the pink and yellow. But really I try to resist. I mean how much glass can we have.

  8. Wow - yes, it's time to get that DG back out and use it. I love going to DG shows although it is almost sensory overload to have that much pretty glassware in one place! :-)


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