Monday, April 9, 2012

Visiting Sweet Remembrances Tea Room

In June 2005 when the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association held their first annual seminar, it was conducted at Sweet Remembrances Tea Room in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Nancy Reppert, owner of the tea room and one of the founding members of the association, posted an invitation to a tea-themed E-group  for anyone who had an interest in starting or advancing a tea business to attend.

Always searching for my niche in the tea world,  I thought maybe organizing a tea association in my area might be a possibility.   My hubby and I traveled to Pennsylvania to attend.  He didn't attend the seminar sessions, but he did attend the Afternoon Tea that Nancy hosted.

While reading Nancy's blog, The Rosemary House, on April 7th, I decided to share photos and highlights from  my wonderful visit.   If you are going to be anywhere near Sweet Remembrances Tea Room, I highly recommend making a reservation for Afternoon Tea.

Sweet Remembrances is located in a beautifully restored post Civil War era red brick row house near the historic downtown area. 

Front View

Bruce Richardson, tea educator, author, speaker, and owner of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas and Benjamin Press, was the guest speaker, and his program topics over the two days were:  "From Bush to Cup: How Tea Gets to You" and  "What's Hot in Tea."   He oversaw a professional tea cupping as well.

His lovely wife, Shelley, accompanied him.  In the photo below is Nancy Reppert, Tea Room Owner, Shelley Richardson, and me.

The lovely Afternoon Tea menu that Nancy prepared for us was as follows:
1st course - Chilled strawberry peach soup.
Savories - Chicken salad in cheese puffs, rolled asparagus sandwiches, Parmesan cheese herbed spirals, edible flowers with Boursin cheese, and sweet and savory strawberry cheese sandwiches. 
Scones - Kensington Palace scones and orange currant buttermilk scones with mock clotted cream and jelly.
Desserts - Lemon tartlets, shortbread teapots, tuxedo strawberries, and chocolate raspberry truffle brownies.

I love the way Nancy "re-purposed" a cake stand for serving her savories.


It was a privilege for my hubby and I to be seated at the same table with Bruce & Shelley.  They are a wonderful couple.


  1. Thank you for sharing your visit with Nancy at Sweet Remembrances. My visit with a friend to her tea room was also very special and we also enjoyed walking in the garden. How nice to be able to share tea and time with Shelly and Bruce.

  2. I so, so want to visit here someday!

  3. Visiting Nancy's tea room is on my travel bucket list!

  4. My goodness--three tea women I admire, all in one photo! And I agree with Linda: A visit to Nancy's tea room is on my Bucket List as well! If I could wing it, I'd love to visit the tea rooms of Nancy, Mary Jane and Bernideen all in one week! How's that for a fantasy tea trip!

  5. What a treat! I have been to Nancy's tearoom, but not had tea - oh, except a cup of tea. I loved seeing it and each time I read her blog I love remembering my visit there and the tour I took with Nancy and Susanna to meet Tasha Tudor. Nancy did make a picnic for us and it was delicious.

  6. Thank you Phyllis, for featuring your visit to Sweet Remembrances on your blog. The front of the tea room looks so 'naked'! We now have a beautiful red bud tree in front, and it is presently in full bloom. It certainly was an exciting time to welcome Bruce and Shelley Richardson to the tea room for the premiere/organizational meeting of the tea association.

  7. What a lovely tea event! Nancy's afternoon tea's leave nothing out --- the details are well attended and everything always look so lovely! Thanks for sharing your tea experience with us in blogland!


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