Friday, April 13, 2012

Pansies - Loving Thoughts

In the language of flowers, pansies are said to mean loving thoughts... remembrance.

The above English Bone China tea set was purchased in 1998 while visiting Ohio's Amish country in anticipation of my first-born granddaughter's first "real" tea party at my house.   Since she was only six years old, I bought her a demitasse cup in the same pattern for the tea party, which I gave to her.  Someday the whole tea set will be hers.

I purchased Davidson's children's tea for the occasion, and after Tiffany's first sip she promptly proclaimed she didn't like tea!   Not to worry, we refilled the pot with lemonade and the tea party happily continued on.   I'm glad to report she now likes tea! ;-)

Here's to loving thoughts of your first tea party,  Tiffany!
[I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the tea party!]


  1. What a lovely setting and I just love the pansies in the pot. I would have to say they are my favourite flowers. It's coming into pansy season here as we head towards winter....

  2. Oh, you are nurturing a life-long tea lover for sure!

  3. What a lovely post - pansies are among our favorites for sure! So friendly!

  4. What a wonderful idea to get a matching demi! How wonderful! Glad she has "matured" into a tea lover! :) Thanks for visiting!

  5. What sweet pansy memories -- and I'm so relieved to hear she is indeed a tea lover now. Whew!

  6. It's really Great to see that.
    Just awesome!


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