Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend Happenings

Last Saturday our daughter met us for breakfast, and afterwards we went to her storage unit to get the dress I wore for my Christening from her hope/cedar chest for great-granddaughter Evie to wear on September 10th.  It was like a mini walk down memory lane as Jerry pulled items out of the hope chest.

The Lane oak chest was a high school graduation gift to Lori from us.  Female high school graduates these days have probably never heard of them, but amazingly Lane still makes them.

Jerry climbed to the back corner of the storage unit where the hope chest was located. Miraculously, the 70 year old satin dress is still very white and in great condition.  I'm so grateful my mom saved it.  Evie will make four generations of baby girls who have worn the dress, and you can be sure I'll take lots of pictures on September 10th.

It was packed away [in a J.L. Hudson's box] since granddaughter Tiffany wore it in 1991.  

Below is a recent photo of sweet little Evie, who looks very much like her daddy.

Also in the hope chest were Lori's first pair of baby shoes.  On the sole of one was her birth date and on the other her name.  The shoes - along with the sweet baby who wore them - will soon be 50 years old!  The years pass so swiftly!

And Lori's very first doll, Susie.  She was 26 months old when our son Steve was born.  I bought her Susie, so she could "mother" her while I was mothering my new baby.  

After Sunday worship service, a group of us went downtown Detroit to Comerica Park to a Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers baseball game.  I hadn't been there since 2012 with my mother who loved baseball.  The photo below was from our car as we drove down Woodward Avenue, approaching Comerica Park.

It was a warm 79 degree day.  

Inside the stadium I took a picture of Jerry standing by Detroit Tiger sportscaster, Ernie Harwell.

I loved the topiary of a ball player up to bat.

When we got seated Jerry took a selfie of us.  Our tickets included a value meal which consisted of a Ball Park hot dog, glass of pop, and a bag of potato chips.  It was the first hot dog I've eaten in years.

We left during the 7th inning stretch, but not before "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" was sung.  The score was tied 4-4, but unfortunately the final score was Minnesota Twins 6 to Detroit Tigers 4.  In spite of the loss, it was a fun outing.

Once home, I hit the books again for my presentation this coming Sunday at Shore Pointe Assisted Living on the subject of Eleanor Roosevelt. I've never studied her life before, and she's very interesting. She was born during the Gilded Age, and the Roosevelt family had the Knickerbocker pedigree. Eleanor was one of the few brides who didn't have to change her name when she married, since Franklin was her fifth cousin, once removed.

Since I spent $100 on books at Amazon last month [for the Gilded Age presentation] I decided to go to the library for this month's books.  The only drawback to library books is that I can't highlight interesting parts for my presentation.  I don't know how many books have been written about Eleanor Roosevelt, but a quick Google search reveals a lot.

I found lots of Internet photos of Eleanor pertaining to tea.  She lived when tea time was a social ritual.  In the book Franklin and Eleanor, tea was mentioned several times.

So now you know how I spent my weekend.  How did you spend yours?


  1. Good morning Phyllis! You did have a fun weekend! How special to still have that sweet baby gown! Your daughter is beautiful. My Amy was 6 months younger than Lori. Sure miss her. Anyway I spent the weekend with my mom and our youngest grandson was here for four days. So busy too. Also trying to figure out what clothes to bring on our tea trip!��

  2. Oh, the christening gown is wonderful and I'm so glad to see another generation wearing it. My weekend was not quite as active as yours, I have hurt my ankle and spent Saturday with it propped up on the couch! Sunday was busier with church things but I tried to stay off the ankle. Waiting on x-ray results now. Meanwhile my car is in the shop :-( and my daughter is in labor! Heading to Atlanta soon to see her and meet my newest grandchild.

  3. So happy to hear another generation will be wearing the beautiful gown. Happy memories.


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