Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ellie's Visit

This morning I picked up Ellie - my youngest granddaughter - shortly after 10:00 a.m.  It's her turn to stay for a few days before school starts, when she'll be a kindergartner. Our first activity was a stop at Royal Treat tearoom in Roseville, MI.  It's really not a little girl's tearoom like Tea Party Castle, but we decided to make it work until a group tea party is scheduled at the castle.  The tearoom was packed when we arrived, and since I didn't have a reservation I wasn't sure if we could get in. Fortunately, we did.

~ Ellie's first tearoom visit.  ~

They only have two menu options - Quiche and Chicken Salad.  Neither sounded appealing to Ellie, and she informed me she didn't like tea either. [I have to work on that! ;-)] I ordered lemonade for her, and she found a Chocolate-toffee Scone on the tray looked good to her.  

Lemonade tastes good in a china teacup!

She enjoyed every bite of her Chocolate-toffee Scone, and half of a Strawberry Scone!

I ordered the Chicken Salad.  Ellie liked the strawberries and blueberries on the salad, so I gave them to her.  My tea was Lady Grey Black Tea and I chose a Raspberry thumb-print Scone.  I brought the remaining uneaten scones home for Jerry to enjoy.

Jennifer, the owner, brought a miniature teapot and teacup to the table for Ellie to play with while we were there.

And a 'diamond' necklace for the little princess to wear!  ;-)

While it wasn't as grand an experience as Tea Party Castle would have been, I think she had fun, and I was pleased to give provide her first tearoom experience.

It was a delightful surprise to see Laura Lee at the tearoom.  She's a server at some of the teas I attend, so it was nice that she could enjoy being served for a change.

When we got home, a package was on my front porch.  When I opened it I found a First Ladies book authored by Margaret Truman - President and Bess Truman's daughter.  I can hardly to wait to read it - especially the chapters pertaining to Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Thanks for the book, Louise.  It was an unexpected and nice surprise!


  1. My friends and I loved the lunch. I also had the Lady Grey tea.
    We were there celebrating my friend's birthday.
    Nice to see you Phyllis too and meet your granddaughter.

  2. Sweet Ellie will get used to tearooms and I bet she will learn to love tea. In the meantime, lemonade will work just fine. Your salad looked absolutely gorgeous and you had lots of fruit to share with Ellie. Enjoy your time together!

  3. What a doll! I'm a little concerned that she doesn't like tea (yet!) and look forward to watching the conversion process. ;)


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