Monday, August 28, 2017

Two More Family Birthdays

I returned yesterday afternoon from a fun, two-day 'girl's trip' to Lakeside, Ohio, but I'll write about that tomorrow.  Today's post is dedicated to my sweet daughter, Lori, who celebrated her 50th birthday today, and to my granddaughter, Brooke, who turned 15 on August 20th. We celebrated both of their birthdays yesterday afternoon.

The party flag was flying outside to let everyone know a party was going on at my son Steve's house.

The house was festively decorated inside.  Thank you, Sharon!

No dieting going on here today!

There were games of croquet... 

[Landon and Jeremy]

~ And catch, for the boys.  The ball went over the fence behind Steve more than once!  ;-)  ~

I was busy taking lots of pictures.   Lori [right] and her girlfriend, Katie [left].  

Steve and Lori's other girlfriend, Janette.

~ My three grown babies - Jeremy, Steve, and Lori ~

The other birthday girl - Brooke - with her mom, Sharon [right], and Sheena [her maternal grandma] on the left.

When the party moved indoors, I took a photo of Lori with her first [and only] grandchild, Evelyn [Evie] Rose.   Evie is also my first great-grandchild.

  Jerry and me with our 'firstborn.'  Seems only a few years ago that she was Evie's size!

Gift time!

~ Cake Time ~

It was a fun, family day.   I'm so thankful for the beautiful family I'm blessed with.


  1. Sounds like a great day for all.

  2. What a beautiful family celebration. Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are such blessings.


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