Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy August!

We've gone almost all summer without using our grill, so we decided to fire it up to usher in August! ;-) I got Italian sausages at the meat market, and we topped them with sauteed green pepper and onions, just like at the ballpark!

Our youngest son and family came to visit last weekend.  I took a picture of Izzy and Ellie while they were waiting to leave for church.

While I was at the Queen Bee tea party, my family went to a Coney Island restaurant after church, and our daughter joined them.  Landon got a mustache in a vending machine, and Ellie got a gum ball.  As you can see,  they were both eager to show them off for the picture!  ;-)

I picked Izzy up today to spend a few days with us, and when she goes home on Friday Landon will come for a few days.   I can't believe how fast the summer is speeding by, and they have to get their individual visit at our house before school starts back. 

What's happening at your house this August?

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  1. At my house we are in "baby watch" mode - a new grandbaby is due a week from today, but could get here any time. His or her (the parents decided not to find out!) big sister started to kindergarten this week. I'm glad you get some "one on one" time with your young grands before they go back to school. Enjoy!


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