Friday, July 31, 2015

A New Book

My girlfriend's daughter, Kimberly Franks, has written a fiction book that will soon be in the book stores, and I want to help spread the word about her exciting accomplishment.

Synopsis:  Just outside the city of Detroit in 1839, a young lady inherits her grand family estate. Built by her eccentric grandfather, rumor has it that the Canterbury family treasure is hidden somewhere on the estate.  But that's just a rumor - isn't it?

Should the lovely Miss Ruby Canterbury trust her new employee, the handsome and mysterious Scotsman, Charles Gerard, who found the first clue to the cache?  After all, she did hire him straight out of the local jailhouse.  Or should she put her trust in her house guest, the banker Henri LeFevre?  Since both men arrived at the cottage, someone has been listening at doors and searching through drawers.

Events soon turn dangerous as Charles and Ruby decipher clues, which lead them down hidden stairwells, escape tunnels, and ultimately to an affection for each other that could change the course of both of their lives.  Amid happy spring festivals, surprise parties, and horse races, danger presents itself at every turn as Ruby learns how to be the mistress of her lands, and attempts to uncover her family's hidden fortune.

The book contains a little history, mystery and romance all in one.  While not a book about tea, tea is mentioned within its pages.

220 pages - $17.99 paperback

Several options are available for obtaining the book:  It's listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble web sites.  If your local bookstores doesn't have the book, they can order it for you.  Or you can order it directly from the publishing company, as I did yesterday.  The publisher's web site is:   Search by book title, or author's name.   

Congratulations, Kim!  


  1. Thank you, Phyll. Kim will be thrilled that you posted about her book. It is now listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble web site.

  2. Hello Phyllis! Thank you so much for the write up of my book! What a thoughtful thing to do. Thank you so much for thr support, I really appreciate it. Your friendship means the world to my Mother and to our family. God bless!! Much Love, Kim

  3. This must be Sandy's daughter! How exciting for her!


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