Thursday, July 30, 2015

Antique Shops in Romeo, MI

Yesterday was a 'hodge-podge' day.  My hubby likes Chinese food, so we usually eat lunch at a local Chinese restaurant once a week, on varying days. Yesterday was the day for this week's visit. We're very predictable, each ordering the same thing every visit. The waitresses have our orders memorized, and don't even write them down anymore - Sweet and Sour Chicken combination for Jerry, and a Shrimp Subgum combo for me, with Wonton Soup and hot Oolong tea.  Do you like Chinese food?

After lunch Jerry headed back home to putter around in his shop, while I decided to drive to Romeo, a quaint village 22 miles north of where I live.  I've blogged about Romeo before, but's it's been awhile since I was there.  My girlfriend told me one of the antique stores was having a going out of business sale, so I decided to check it out.

On the way, I passed a Ct. bearing my name. Since it's not a real common name, I couldn't resist taking a picture.  ;-)

My first stop was Connely's Creations, located in a large Victorian house.  I've purchased many things for my home at this shop over the years.  More recently they focus almost exclusively on holiday decor.  I bought my Tom Hegg Cup of Christmas Tea china there when it was still available retail.

Even though they were in the midst of a Christmas in July sale, nothing called my name, but I enjoyed looking.  Fall/Thanksgiving display [L], and 4th of July [R]

~ Halloween and Easter ~

~ Christmas and Valentine's Day ~

~ St. Patrick's Day ~

Just down the street is Matters of Taste Antiques & Gift Shoppe.  It's the store that's going out of business.  

When my mother passed away last August, the owner purchased some of her antiques. I saw two of them in the shoppe yesterday.  I purchased my Russian Samovar there last year  too. The owner said she's been in business at that location for 25 years, but the rent was raised so high she can no longer afford to stay there.  For local readers, everything is 25% off and some items are 50% off.  She will be there until the end of September.  I promised I'd help spread the word.

Across the street were two more antique shops.  One is located in an old bank, and the other is Kane's Town Hall Antiques.

I asked permission to take photos inside the bank because it's so unique.

Antiques inside the vault! 

Let it go on record that I was in four antique stores, and only purchased one $6 commemorative plate of JFK and Jackie Kennedy.  I will use it the next time I speak about Jackie.

I wasn't done looking around Romeo, but the sky became dark and it was thundering, so I decided I better get back home.  There's some quaint shops at Romeo's Frontier Town, but they'll have to wait for my next visit.


  1. Years ago my mother and I both had plates like that. Back in the day I had plenty of pill box hats when I was in high school as I was raised Catholic and we had to cover our heads for church. Jackie was so elegant and beautiful. A real lady. Thanks for sharing the antique shops.

  2. Wish I were there to go eat Chinese with you and Jerry once a week! (Alex likes it fine but is not quite the fan I am!) And I admire your restraint of visiting all those shops and buying just the one plate! (But I agree that will be a great bit of show-and-tell for a future presentation.)

  3. Wow - four shops and only one purchase! But it was a good one, that will work well in your presentation about Jackie.


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