Monday, July 20, 2015

Family Time

Last Friday my hubby and I met our youngest son and his family in the quaint town of Dexter, MI for brunch, then we stopped at Jenny's farm market - a fun place for the kids with barnyard animals.

[Isabella a.k.a. Izzy]

[Granddarlings:  Izzy, Ellie, and Landon]

Izzy came home with us to spend a couple of days.  On Saturday she wanted to go see Minions at the theater, so we opted for the 4:00 p.m. matinee 3-D showing.  

In the movie the minion creatures are in search of a master to serve, and their quest takes them to London, England, where Queen Elizabeth, II [in caricature] is part of the plot, as well as historic sites such as The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Teapots, teacups and lots of tea are in the movie too!

[Internet Photos]

After the theater we went to an antique and craft mall where Izzy had fun looking at things for her American Girl dolls.  Her favorite item was a fluffy white dog on a leash, which came home with us.  It was a fun family weekend!


  1. Family time is always extra special! Darling grands! Sounds like I need to go see Minions!

  2. That farm market looks like a wonderful place to take grandchildren, and how lucky you were that Miss Izzy came home with you!

  3. Family fun time is the best! The children are really growing. I agree with Nancy, I need to go see Minions.

  4. How fun! Family time is always wonderful, and so glad the grandkids are close! Looks like a fun place to visit!


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