Friday, July 24, 2015

Wedding Countdown

Only 22 days remaining until my granddaughter Tiffany's wedding.  

Tiffany asked her Papa to make the Unity Cross for their wedding ceremony.  It's a new tradition as an alternative to the Unity Candle.  I had never heard of it until Tiffany told us about it, and it's a beautiful concept.  Below is an example from the Internet.  The one my hubby makes will be a bit different.

The Bible engraved with their names for their White Bible Ceremony was ordered and arrived, but finding an available date on their calendar is a challenge. The ceremony is supposed to be held within a couple of days of the wedding.

The silver tussie-mussie flower holder [specific flowers are an integral part of the ceremony] was a gift from a thoughtful friend when my mother passed to symbolize her presence at the ceremony.  

A while back I saw these adorable engagement ring napkin holders, and couldn't resist purchasing them. It's past Tiffany's engagement dinner, but there will be other granddaughter's engagements when they can be used.

Aren't they cute?


  1. The excitement builds! And those napkin rings are so cute - I'm sure you'll find several occasions for which they'll be perfect. Have a great weekend!

  2. Let the celebrations begin! Looks like it will be an extra special wedding.

  3. Counting down with you. What an exciting family time!

  4. What a special and beautiful family celebration this will be. I was not aware of the Unity Cross replacing the Unity Candle tradition and enjoyed learning about it. How very special for Jerry to be making it for them.


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