Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Visiting Grand Rapids, Ohio

Last Thursday, two friends and I drove a short distance to the village of Grand Rapids, Ohio [near Toledo].  We had 2:00 p.m. tea reservations in nearby Bowling Green, Ohio, so we decided to leave early and visit the quaint village.

I had never heard of Grand Rapids, Ohio, but both of my friends had been there previously. The village was settled in 1824, and platted in 1933 as Gilead, but the name was changed to Grand Rapids in 1868 to reflect the activity of the Maumee River which flows along the south side of the village. Currently approximately 1,000 people call Grand Rapids their home.

The first store we went to was Olde Gilead Country Store.  I loved the old-fashioned candy counter where the candy was weighed on a scale.  I purchased some bridge mix. Yum!

Next we went into Just for You consignment shop where I purchased two porcelain bunnies [which I've packed away until next Easter], and four Asian teacups [also posted in yesterday's blog].

A few doors down on Front Street was The Providence House, an eclectic home decor store.

I'm drawn to blue and white dishes like a magnet, and they had a whole section devoted to blue and white dishware.

As pretty as everything was, the only thing that called my name was a Blue Willow teapot for $25, which I purchased.  Unfortunately, I wasn't watching as it was wrapped, and the lid wasn't taped to the teapot, or wrapped separately.  So... when I got home and took the teapot from the bag, the lid slipped out of the wrapping paper and crashed on the floor in several pieces. Lesson learned! I'll pay close attention to how teapots are wrapped in the future. An Internet search for an orphan lid to match the teapot was unsuccessful, so the only alternative was to make a floral arrangement in the now dysfunctional teapot.

From Providence House we walked a little farther to Antiques on Front Street.  That's where I purchased the unusual Blue Willow Carafe and Warmer that I blogged about last week. 

The small village had four antique stores that we enjoyed browsing in, as well as a ladies' boutique. I thoroughly enjoyed Grand Rapids, and it will probably rate a return visit.

*  *  *

Today I'm joining Antiques and Teacups for Tuesday Cuppa Tea


  1. Great post. Love the photos and the facts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, oh, all that gorgeous blue and white china! (And a little red/white, too. My July table has a mix of blue/white and red/white.) Wow, I wish I were close enough and had extra funds enough, I would surely enjoy shopping at that spot. I'm so sorry about your teapot lid, I hope you'll come across an orphaned lid at some future time, but in the meanwhile, the hydrangeas look very pretty in the teapot.

  3. What a fun place! I wouldn't have gotten out without some blue and white also. So sorry for your pot lid loss... :( But it makes a lovely vase.

  4. I will always think of you when I see blue and white china. Looks like the beginning of a very fun day .

  5. Hi, The blue and white dishes are great. Sorry about the teapot lid. I hope you find a replacement somewhere along the way. Sylvia D.

  6. About 30 years ago I was told of a doll store in Grand Rapids, Ohio that was going out of business and that they were a dealer of Madame Alexander Dolls (when Madame Alexander Dolls were very special and difficult to find in Ohio). I talked my husband into a road trip and visited the sweetest doll shop ever and found a goldmine of the dolls. I quickly scribbled numbers, researched my credit card balance and invested in as many dolls as I could for birthdays and Christmas for my two daughters (and it worked - the tradition lasted well into their teens). We were traveling with a carload of small children so we couldn't linger, but always wanted to return. Maybe your blog will be our inspiration! If only there was a tearoom, too!

  7. Such a nice store with so much to look at. Love all the blue and white dishes.

  8. Looks like you turned lemons into lemonade with your pretty floral arrangement in the lidless teapot. Sorry for your mishap.


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