Monday, July 27, 2015

Tea Time at Shorepointe Assisted Living

Yesterday's tea program at Shorepointe Assisted Living went very well, and there was a good turnout. Who doesn't enjoy a program about Jackie Kennedy?

The lady in blue [top right above] is Clara.   She's 101 years old and very sharp.  When I asked what JFK's famous quote from his inaugural speech was, she responded "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."  At the conclusion of my presentation she asked, "Where does Marilyn Monroe fit in?"  I told her all skeletons were left in the closet! ;-)


American Fashion Designer, Oleg Cassini, referred to Jackie as a "geometrical goddess."  She was the perfect size for high fashion.  She stood 5' 7" tall, was long-waisted, had a small bust, and weighed between 120-130 lbs. throughout her life.  She wore a size 4 or 6 dress.  

[Internet photos]

At the height of Jackie's greatest influence and popularity, the only one close to holding as much public fascination was American actress, Princess Grace of Monaco.  Both were beautiful first ladies who led seemingly fairy-tale lives, both married handsome older men, and both had named a daughter Caroline.  The royal couple visited the White House in May of 1961.

Now it's on to studying about Julia Child  for next month's presentation.  Ironically, Jackie's White House years helped set the stage for the success of the PBS program, The French Chef, which stared Julia Child, produced in 1963-1966.  When the Kennedy's were in the White House the majority of middle class women weren't in the work force yet.  For those who admired Jackie's elegant style and love of all things French - including a French Chef at the White House - Julia's French cuisine cooking shows offered a way to acquire a taste of French sophistication.  Soon women were experimenting with quiche Lorraine and a lot more!  The timing was perfect for Julia to rise and shine!


  1. I'm sure your presentation was fun and interesting for these ladies.

  2. Great post. Enjoyed hearing about Jackie Kennedy and also your response to the skeletons.

  3. Interesting connection between Jackie Kennedy's love of all things French and the rise of Julia Child! I can remember my mother watching Julia Child on TV, they loved her cooking but most especially her sense of humor.

  4. I am sure the ladies enjoyed your presentation!

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