Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grandmother of the Bride Outfit

I've been so busy this spring/summer with traveling, speaking presentations, and the living room renovation project that I got off to a very slow start in shopping for my outfit for Tiffany's wedding. As grandmother, the impetus is a little more laid back than when I was mother of the bride.

Knowing I had to get moving, I pushed myself out the door last Saturday in the direction of the mall with a definite purpose and mission.  Fortunately, I found an outfit I liked suitable for a 'mature' woman, and it's a petite so no alterations are needed. Hooray!

Since none of you will be at the wedding, here's a peek!  The mauve colored under dress has a gray sequined lace overlay.  I'm not a glitzy person, so the sequins aren't gaudy.  To me it met the criteria ascribed to Jackie Kennedy's clothing - 'simple elegance' - minus a haute couture designer label, and a much more affordable price tag! ;-)  Amazingly, Jackie's 1947 Debutante of the Year tulle gown was a $59 off-the-rack, department store purchase, and dubbed a 'designer's dream.' She made it look like a million bucks. [The 1947 price tag of $59 wasn't exactly cheap though. The amount is equivalent to $719 in today's economy.] But back to the grandmother of the bride...  ;-)

The tea length hemline is scalloped to match the scalloped edging on the jacket.

~ Silver shoes and purse to match ~

I'll probably be the only lady there wearing gloves, but it's an appropriate occasion to wear them, so I went for it.

I didn't, however, want to be the only lady in attendance wearing a hat, so I opted for a small clip fascinator.

So now you know what Tiffany's nana will be wearing on August 14th.  The clock is ticking, and the wedding will be here before we know it.  You can be sure there'll be a blog post about it!  Grandma's have bragging rights! ;-)  I told a girlfriend, "Just think, next year at this time I could possibly be a great-grandmother."  Yikes! How can that be?  ;-)


  1. Gorgeous! Perfect for the grandmother! And I feel just a hint of Downton in the outfit. Love the gloves.

  2. I agree a perfect outfit for Grandmother of the bride !

  3. I commented yesterday but it is not showing...It is a beautiful outfit and you will look very nice.

  4. Oh, I love your dress! But the gloves and fascinator are my favorite parts of the outfit. They are just perfect and you'll be almost as beautiful as the bride!


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