Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blue and White China

From my earliest days of housekeeping I've been attracted to blue and white china, and after 49 years of marriage I've accumulated a rather large collection of it.  Up until now I've never been able to display so much of it at one time, so the new wall units are a real treat for me. I'm not sure how much I'll enjoy the dusting though!  ;-)

Today's post will include one unit, and Friday's post will include the other. Throughout my three years of blogging, I've shown several of the pieces so you'll recognize them if you've followed my blog for any length of time.

My hubby bought me the windmill teapot and cup and saucer [top row left] at Nelis' Dutch Village in Holland, MI in May 2013. The Dutch teapot trivet came from an antique store, and the Dutch tiles were an Internet purchase.

The double spout forget-me-not teapot [top middle] was a gift from a friend.  It is sitting on a teapot trivet also in the forget-me-not pattern, along with a coordinating cup and saucer that I brought back from England in 2001. It has a Lane Pottery backstamp.  The forget-me-not cream pitcher was part of a tea set from Germany, but the other pieces met will ill-fate!

The teapot [top right] and the plate behind it came from the gift shop at the National Headquarter's DAR building when I visited Washington D.C. in April of this year.

I was gifted with the Shelley Dainty Blue teacup and saucer, and bought the luncheon plate at an antique store [second row left].  Next to the trio is a Tea and Toast set that looks like Shelley china, but it's actually Royal Albert.

The Wedgwood Jasperware tea set was a fabulous estate sale find in October 2012 [second row middle].  The previous owner can rest easy  knowing her set is in good hands with me!

The white teapot [second row right] is actually a tea light by Party Lite that was a gift from a church where I spoke.  A good friend brought the miniature blue and white teacups and teapot ornaments back to me from a trip she took.

I loved the blue toile tea cozy [third row left] the minute I saw it at Special Teas Tea Room, in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2014. It coordinates nicely with the blue toile in my living room tea room. 

Beneath the cozy is a Emma Bridgewater Starry Skies teapot.  In 2011 I did a New Year's theme tea "Reach for Your Star", and bought the teapot to coordinate.

Row three [center] is a tea set adapted from the Vanderbilt's tea service.  I've been adding to the set gradually, and my most recent purchase was the sugar and creamer on our trip to Biltmore last month. 

I bought the tea cozy doll [third row right] several years ago when the lady who made them was moving away. The head and bust is porcelain, and the dress is so pretty that I'll never use it as a cozy because I don't want it to get tea stained.

She's sitting on top of a blue and white Churchill teapot that was a shower prize at a neighbor's bridal shower, which was tea themed.

The china on the bottom row [left] looks like expensive Flo Blue, but I bought it at Cracker Barrel about ten years ago.  They carried a large selection of pieces, so for Christmas that year in place of other gifts, I asked my family members for Cracker Barrel gift cards so I could purchase several of the pieces. The tray, cake stand, teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl are some that I purchased. They're the closest I'll ever come to owning Flo Blue.  ;-)

During my hubby's working years at G.M. his position required a lot of travel.  On one of his trips he got me the ginger jar [bottom middle] that I've treasured for 35 years.  The vase came from an antique store, and next to it [bottom left] is part of my light blue Madrid Depression Glass that I purchased at Maumee Antique Mall [near Toledo, Ohio] in 2012.  I love it!

The wall units have storage at the bottom which I desperately needed.  

This concludes the contents of the first wall unit.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing my treasures.


  1. So beautiful! I look forward to seeing the other side.

  2. Phyllis, you have a fabulous collection of blue and white! You have some delightful pieces and I am curious about the blue depression glass. One doesn't see blue very often; very pretty! Love your cabinet too. Thanks for giving us a peek and enjoy your day.


  3. Yes indeed! I enjoyed seeing and learning about thes treasures. I look forward to seeing more!

  4. Oh, it is so fun seeing this come to fruition after hearing about this project for a while! It's funny that I've seen bits and pieces of your blue china all along, but seeing this much of it at once is like wow, what an extraordinary collection!


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