Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Big Apple - New York City

One of the first things I do every morning is make myself a cup of tea, and take it to my office to sip while reading the blogs I follow. All this week I've been enjoying Harney's Celebration tea thanks to one of my blog followers and kindred spirits.  Thanks, Joy!

On the computer screen [above photo] is Friendship Tea blog, where my friend, Linda, has been sharing highlights from her recent family trip to New York City.

My son, Steve, loves NYC and was just there in April with his youngest daughter, Brooke, who will become a teenager next month.  It was a father/daughter trip just as he had taken a few years earlier with his older daughter, Brianna. During the trip each of the girls received a 'promise ring' as they discussed the importance of remaining pure until marriage - promiscuity isn't the road to happiness, and alters God's plan for their life. Brianna turned 19 last month, and has had her ring resized a couple times to accommodate her finger as it grew.

Brooke is proud of her ring, and let me photograph it shortly after she returned.

~ Below an artist sketches Brooke in Central Park ~

While Steve was there he phoned to say he found two books about tea in NYC - he knows I'd love to go on a NYC tea tour.

I already had two copies of Elizabeth Knight's book [pictured below].  Even though it was written in 2006, it's still an interesting and informative book. Some places have gone out of business since it was printed, and some new businesses have been established, but overall it remains a good book. If anyone would like this extra copy I'd be happy to send it to the first person to leave a comment requesting it.

I've been to NYC a couple of times, but I've never visited any of the well-known tea spots, so until I make it back, I'll enjoy reading Linda's adventures in the Big Apple!


  1. NYC is a "must" tea destination for you. My upcoming blog posts will include our afternoon tea at the "new" Palm Court at The Plaza.

  2. So glad you're enjoying the Celebration tea!

  3. The 'new' New York book looks interesting! We are still using E. Knight's NYC book about tea, and as you noted, some of the places are closed - but isn't that the way it is with this type of book. We still find it useful! I hope your extra copy goes to a good home.

  4. Brooke hasn't changed. I know she enjoyed her trip to New York.

  5. What an outstanding tradition to take the daughters to New York and give them the promise rings there! That is awesome!


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