Monday, July 13, 2015

Blue and White China Conclusion

Today's post will finish the series of my living room renovation, and my collection of blue and white china.

I wanted to share with you the very first set of blue and white china that started me on my road to collecting blue and white dishware.  It goes back to the early 1970's when the A & P grocery store sold different pieces of the the dishes every week.  I bought service for eight, and have almost everything that was offered except for the candle sticks, dinner bell, salt and pepper shakers, butter dish, and clock.  If a week was missed, you could order open stock directly from the Johann Haviland Service Center.  I still have one of the order forms even though the company is no longer in business.

~ The pattern is called Blue Garland ~

I love the covered vegetable dish.

I've seen an image of a teapot in the pattern on the Internet, but it was never offered in the grocery store or on the open stock list.  Instead they offered what was called a 'Beverage Server' which could be used for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever.  If I every come across a teapot I will definitely purchase it.  

Because the pattern was sold in grocery stores across the country, you can find the dishware in many antique stores, reasonably priced.

Years later, Cracker Barrel sold blue water goblets that go beautifully with the dishes, so I purchased eight.

Also included in today's post are two other pieces of china that are not displayed in my new wall units.   The trio below was made in Czechoslovakia.

I love this trio and have seen the dishes featured in Tea Time magazine a couple of times. It is manufactured in the United States [New Castle, Pennsylvania] by Castleton, and the pattern is Sunnyvale. Castleton is the US brand name given to German Rosenthal China manufactured by Shenango China Co.

On a recent shopping trip to Grand Rapids, Ohio, I purchased four Asian handleless teacups in blue and white.  The price was right - four for $3.

Not all of the imitation Flo Blue china purchased at Cracker Barrel would fit on the wall units, so I put the remaining pieces in my curio cabinet.

A pitcher and two candlesticks sit on top of the cabinet. 

The leaded glass teapot below is currently sitting on the sofa table in the entry hall.  Can you believe it came from Wal-Mart several years ago?

~ Hall tree ~

This post concludes my blue and white series.  I hope you've enjoyed it.

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  1. Of course I LOVED your post, but then I LOVE blue and white! The Haviland set started a lot of folks into collecting both blue and white and Haviland. I have always enjoyed the pretty, dainty floral design.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your collection and the beautiful "new" living room.

  3. Oh, my gosh, Phyllis, if there was ever any doubt that we are kindred spirits, it has just been laid to rest. That beautiful flowered trio is a pattern I learned to love as a child, it was my maternal grandmother's china! One of my cousins inherited hers, but as an adult I have collected a few pieces of it. The pattern name is Sunnyvale and it's made by Castleton. How amazing that you would have some of this, too! I do love it, as well as all the beautiful blue and white pieces, and I've really enjoyed seeing your collection.

  4. Congrats on the completion of your major living room renos! Your custom-built wall units showcase your amazing collection of bluewares beautifully.

  5. I have so enjoyed seeing your lovely collection, Phyllis. I had to smile when I saw your last post on blue and white because I already had my blue and white post ready for today. I love the Blue Garland pattern and I do not have a single piece of it. So, so pretty! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us and joining me for tea. Have a beautiful week.


  6. Now you've got me hoping I'll come across that Blue Garland teapot for you one day! I'd love to be the "spotter" on that one! Oh, if only we could buy truly pretty teawares at the grocery store today …

  7. Did I tell you I bought a set of twelve of the Blue Garland dishes at the grocery store for my daughter when she was young? She enjoyed using them. Wish I could have found a teapot for her, too. I know they were not offered here. Beautiful dishes from the Cracker Barrel store, Bay City is the closest one to us!
    Thank you for sharing all your pretty blue's! I am so glad I got to see the start of your tea room and now I can really visualize it! Beautiful!

  8. What a lovely collection..Blue and white is so calming .. You have some very pretty pieces... I especially love the czech. trio ..I can just feel in my hands filled with warm tea...I used to love going to the Cracker barrel Stores.. for breakfast just so I could browse through the store first... and I always found something delightful ( ha Ha)..Thanks for sharing ...Hugs

  9. Phyllis, I had a whole set of Blue Garland when we first got married - it was sold as collector pieces at the grocery store where I worked. Unfortunately I didn't keep it but sure wish I had it now. :-(
    I've enjoyed seeing your blue and white china that is now on display in the new living room.
    Just to note, your link to MM is only for your blog and not the post intended but I knew if I scrolled down I'd find it.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  10. Such a lovely collection of blue and white china, and displayed well, too.


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