Sunday, January 6, 2013

Epiphany/Twelfth Night

How special that Epiphany fell on Sunday this year - the first Sunday of 2013. 

I bought the above Emma Bridgewater teapot, called "Starry Skies," specifically for an Epiphany Tea that I hosted for three of my neighbor ladies.   It's symbolic [to me] of the star in the east that led the Magi to the Christ child.  Epiphany [always celebrated on January 6th], is the celebration of the revelation that God the Son [who took on the human form of an infant child], gave to the Gentile [non-Jewish] Magi, that He was born to be the Messiah [King and Savior of the world], first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles.  [Matthew 2: 1-11]

The message in church this morning focused on the word "new."  I've wished many people a "Happy 'New' Year" over the past few days, but this morning I had my own "aha" moment [or epiphany] when I realized how wonderful it would be if something "new" happened in the lives  of others because of something I did to make it so.  God forbid that I would just exist  without doing something that counts - one person at a time.  That's my challenge and goal for the "New" Year! 
Epiphany Tea Tablescape

Tea - Persian Nectar [peach flavored]
Coconut Scones
Creamy Minestrone Soup
Hoppin' John Salad [for Good Luck in the New Year!]
Turkey and Rice Casserole
Confetti Cake with Spumoni Ice Cream

Maybe next year I'll get up enough courage to make the Galette des Rois [French puff pastry King Cake] that's eaten in France on Epiphany.  I've got step-by-step directions, but haven't attempted making one yet.


  1. Your Epiphany tea table is lovely, and I especially like the starry teapot. I've always been partial to stars, and especially at this time of year. Love the "new" idea, too!

  2. How beautiful your Epiphany tea table is. I would love being your guest there. It just sparkles.

  3. That is a great idea for a tea, and I enjoyed reading about your "epiphany" moment. You are such a blessing!


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