Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teapot Trivets and Warmers

Continuing  with the theme of tea time accoutrements, today's post is about teapot trivets and warmers. 

My collection of teapot trivets is small.  Two of my three china trivets are vintage. The third was purchased in a gift shop during a 2001 visit to England. As with the lemon plates, I couldn't find any history pertaining them.   

Below is the trivet that I purchased in England, along with the cup and saucer.  It's backstamped Lane End Pottery [made in England], and is the Blue Forget-Me-Not pattern. 

A friend gifted me with a sugar bowl and creamer from Germany to match, but the sugar bowl got broken.  ;-(   The double-chamber teapot was also given to me as a gift.  

I purchased the hand painted china trivet below at the city garage sale this past Memorial Day, for the bargain price of $1.00.  I was elated!  It has no markings on the back.


The blue and white trivet below is backstamped, Made in Germany.

Less formal tea trivets - both from Niagara-on-the Lake.

Tea Warmers

Royal Albert, Old Country Roses on the left,
and a German-made clear glass warmer on the right.

Clear glass Princess House teapot.

Brass, Antiqued Ivory, and Silver Plate Warmers

White porcelain warmer

More tea time accoutrements tomorrow!


  1. Again I am impressed. I actually have one of the wire candle stands and use it often for tea parties. Then I have one trivet that I often use with my breakfast tea.

  2. Oh my goodness, what lovely tea trivets and warmers! I love the blue forget me not china. (I have forget me nots on my wedding china.) I have never seen a double spouted teapot before.

  3. I'm really not familiar with either teapot trivets or warmers, so I'm glad to see your pictures of them. I'm sure I have seen them and just not realized what they were. Now I'll know!

  4. Oh, I loved seeing your tea accoutrements! What a great collection!

  5. I have that same glass warmer. I find it SO useful!


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