Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nesting and watching "Gone With the Wind"

It's cold [20 degrees] in Michigan today - a good day for 'nesting' with a movie and lots of hot tea.  Gone With the Wind's 3 hours 52 minutes run time, is the perfect choice.

The movie, based on Margaret Mitchell's best-selling novel, premiered in Atlanta on December 15, 1939, and it's still enjoyed by movie watchers today.   I love the quote written on the sundial at Twelve Oaks Plantation:  "Do not squander time.  That is the stuff life is made of."

When I attended Magnolia & Ivy in March 2002, the conference opened with a Gone With the Wind tea.  [That's me sitting at the head of the table].  Off to the left you can see the life-size cardboard standup figures of Rhett Butler [Clark Gable] and Scarlett O'Hara [Vivien Leigh].  The movie makes a great theme for a tea party.

The two hot teas served were Peaches & Cream and Magnolia Blossom.  The tea began with a cup of Tomato Dill Bisque and a miniature quiche.  The three tiered server had two kinds of scones and fresh fruit on the bottom plate.  The middle plate was sandwiches and roll-ups. Regrettably I only wrote down two - Scarlett's Radish Tea Sandwich [open face], and Country Ham on Sweet Potato Biscuits.  One of the desserts was Bourbon Balls but I didn't record the rest.  

If I were going to host a Gone With the Wind tea party, I'd want one savory to be barbecue, since early on in the movie there's a barbeque at Twelve Oaks.  What would you include in your tea party menu? 

A few years later, a tea room where I worked did a Gone With the Wind theme tea for St. Patrick's Day since Scarlett was Irish.

L-R: Cheryl [owner]; and Carrie, special guest who impersonated Scarlett [and the handsome Rhett Butler in the middle].

Scone Course

The scones were followed by Chicken and Dumpling soup.  Three savories pictured below were:  An open-faced tomato/bacon sandwich [upper left]; a "Potato Poundie" - baked round of mashed potatoes with cheese, topped with a dollop of sour cream, garnished with parsley and pimento [upper right]; a mini open-faced Reuben sandwich on scalloped rye bread topped with a dollop of coleslaw [bottom right]; and a custard tart [bottom left], surrounded a pasta salad.

Dessert was a Lemon Tart with a Shamrock [Oxalis] garnish.

I purchased the tea scene photo of Scarlett.

Gone With the Wind "tea trivia":  In the scene when Rhett hands Mammy a glass of whisky, you can see her sniff it before drinking.  When it was originally filmed, tea was supposed to have been in the glass, but Clark Gable [Rhett] substituted real whisky as a joke.  The actress playing Mammy downed the glass not realizing what was in it.  The scene had to be redone with tea, and the actress didn't trust Gable after the first incident.


  1. Sounds like a fun day....mine has been full already...farmer up the road came for the steers today, got hubby and two college bys off...and little pip squeak is in the shower getting ready for his supervising teacher who comes at 9! Oh, could use a great cup of tea just about now!

    What location was the picture taken in? Looks like you ladies were having fun!

    We've served chicken BBQ on cornbread muffins for our GWT Wind teas...


    1. Hi Donna! The photo was the M & I tearoom in Columbus, Georgia. Love your chicken BBQ on cornbread muffins for one of the savories.
      ~ Phyllis

  2. Oh, I have read that book so many times...your idea of BBQ for one of the savory sandwiches is right on target. Corn mini-muffins for sure, although I have never seen bbq served on cornbread. White bread or white rolls seem to be the traditional accompaniment here in Georgia. The ham biscuit is perfect. Cheese straws. Something with grits would be appropriate, though I'm not sure how that would work into a tea menu. Pecan tarts...peach muffins...bourbon balls was a good choice, too. What a fun theme for a tea!

  3. By the way, it was 20 degrees here this morning, too, and isn't going to get out of the 30's all day. Brrr...

  4. Hi Phyllis, It's cold here too. 0 yesterday morning...brrr. I want to stay in but since I'm housebreaking my puppy, I'm in and out at least 10 times a day. I enjoyed seeing your GWTW tea; you have documented it beautifully in photographs. What fun!

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    What fun to watch the movie again! I always enjoy the movie and the book. A few years ago I flew to Atlanta Ga. with my siter to visit her son and we went to a "Gone With the Wind" museum. So very interesting! Your tea sounds wonderful! You have had so many special tea experiences! Thank you again for sharing them with us! By the way its about 62 degrees here in Florida, we are getting a cold spell!! My son called this a.m. and said it was 14 below where we live! Happy Tea day to you!

  6. Hello Phyllis
    I haven't watched that movie in eons but what fun to attend a GWTW tea party! Cold here too with squall warnings for tomorrow so I'll be staying inside to work with a hot cup of tea by my side.

  7. Seeing this post about your M & I tea seminar including a themed tea with costumes and hats for the guests helps me to have a better understanding about the difference in your tea training and my first tea training, Tea 101 at Elmwood Inn with Bruce Richardson with no frills, hats, or costumes.

  8. I love seeing that last photo of Scarlett and also the one of you with the girl's at Magnolia and Ivy. This would make a very fun tea theme.

  9. Phyllis, I always thought only southerners were big fans of GWTW -- you surprise me! But yes, what a great old movie to nest with. For years I have threatened to write a book about GWTW and tea -- someday, maybe!

  10. Lovely gwtw tea! I’m pea green with envy! 👒


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