Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Surprise Gift

A dear friend and I met at Macy's Lakeshore Grill for lunch today.  She's from England, but  her husband's career brought them to the United States to live.  

Her mum, who I've had the pleasure of meeting when she's been here visiting, sent a gift for me from England.  I eagerly unwrapped the bubble packaging to find this lovely teapot, by Rington's [tea merchants], in the Blue Willow pattern.  What a thoughtful surprise!  

Close-up photo of the teapot which holds 12 ounces.

The tiny print on the backstamp says:  "Produced by Wade Ceramics.  Based upon an original "mailing" teapot produced for Rington's in the 1930's."  The teapot is dated 1996.

I wrote a post about Rington's on August 7th, 2012 showing the Rington's plate and tea chest that I have .

I'm so happy to add the lovely teapot to my Rington's collection.  The  company that offers home delivery, has been a family business since 1907.  One of their mottos is, "You're never far away from a Rington's van."   

Thanks, Elizabeth!  I love the teapot!


  1. What a beautiful and special gift! Good friends always know what to give their friend.

  2. What a lovely gift! Now you have three Rington items, it's a true collection. :-) Love the shape of that teapot, as well as the blue and white.

  3. Your teapot is beautiful, Phyllis! What a thoughtful gift!

  4. A lovely teapot from your friend Phyllis.

  5. Now that is a very thoughtful gift for a tea lover.
    It's very pretty too.

  6. What an adorable teapot! I love the shape, and this is a great addition to your collection!


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