Monday, January 7, 2013

Tea-themed Lighting

Today I'm sharing another tea-related collection that has evolved since I became fond of all things tea - teapot lamps. 

This lamp was a Christmas present from a dear friend several years ago. 

The photo below isn't a teapot, but I wanted to share it.  Have you seen these night lights   made from clear glass blocks used for basement windows? Miniature white lights are put inside and they're beautiful when lit up.

Can you believe this lamp came from Wal-Mart?  I saw it at a Tea Room several years ago, and the owner told me where she bought it.  I went to a Wal-Mart and purchased one.  The figurine is a Cameo Girl, named Sasha, 1898.  It's called "Victorian Tea Party."  There is a small bud vase in the center of her hat to insert a fresh flower, if desired.

Same lamp displayed in a different room.

Another non-lamp photo, but it's a favorite Sandy Clough picture that I thought you'd enjoy seeing, and perhaps you might like to borrow the Heritage Lace doily idea to dress-up one of your favorite wall pictures.  [I saw it at a Heritage Lace shop, and promptly bought a doily and came home and copied it!  Great marketing strategy!  ;-)] 

The lamp below was a Christmas present from my kids a few Christmases back.

The teapot lamp below was from QVC.  They had another one that I liked even better of a teapot suspended in air with the appearance of tea being poured into a teacup.  Alas, it was unavailable so I had to be content with this one!  ;-)

Lastly, I've included one of the teacup nightlights in my house.


  1. What fun! I love all those teapot lamps, but especially the "stained glass" ones and the one with the teacup above the teapot. I would TOTALLY have bought the one from QVC also. Love the lace doily idea, too. Hugs!

  2. How fun to see all your tea lights. They are delightful! I like that Walmart one and have seen the glass block. I did think the glass block would be a fun idea. You have quite the collection!

  3. Hi Phyllis. I got a stained glass teapot lamp at Walmart a few years ago. Couldn't believe it! I love it! You have a great collection. Happy New Year!

  4. What a fun and unusual collection, Phyllis! I have two blue-and-white teapot lamps that were gifts from friends, but I don't really have a blue-and-white room in which to display them -- yet! I'm thinking of redoing the kitchen in that color scheme, and when/if I do, the lamps will go there!

  5. Hi Phyllis, the pictures of your tea pot lamps are so beautiful. I love every picture you have shown with these tea pot lamps and cups and saucers. they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


  6. This gives new meaning to the term "tealights." I love yours!


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