Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Musical Birthday Tea Party

Today is a very special day.  My firstborn child, Lori Annette, came into the world at 11:11 a.m. at a small Air Force hospital in Altus, Oklahoma - which makes her an "Okie."   She weighted 5 lbs. 15 oz. and was 19 inches long.

Just home from the hospital in her pink outfit.   We were so thrilled with our new little bundle of joy.
Ten weeks old at her Baby Dedication wearing the same dress that I was Christened in. 
6 months old
1 year old
2 years old
First day of Kindergarten
Eight years old
High School Graduation
We blinked and our baby grew up...
And got married... Just like the song from Fiddler on the Roof:  "Is this the little girl I carried?... I don't remember growing older, when did she?...  Wasn't it yesterday when she was small?...  Sunrise, sunset, Swiftly flow the days [and years]!"
A mommy-to-be [and a grandma-to-be]
Fast-forward to 2007 when Lori was approaching a milestone birthday.  I wanted to do something special for her, but I didn't know what since I had already given her a tea party the previous year for friends and family.
Lori took piano lessons from grade school through her high school freshman year, and had two teachers  spanning those years.   One day she casually mentioned that she hadn't seen either of her teachers in several years and would love to see them again.   That set the wheels in motion as to what I would do for her birthday - a surprise tea party with her piano teachers as special guests.
The tea party had to be musically themed, so the first thing I did was order a baby grand piano music box [that played Happy Birthday] from www.musicboxattic.com for the centerpiece.  I had the photo below from her first piano recital that would be a part of the tablescape too.
I splurged and ordered musical dinnerware for the occasion [from www.pianosupplies.com]  and made placemats from music themed fabric.
We began with a warm cinnamon roll - signifying a warm beginning.
Rhapsody Strawberry Soup
Sonata Salad
Steinway Piano Key  Sandwich - Turkey, Cheese & Olive Tapenade
Opus Sandwich - Carrot & Pineapple
Concerto Sandwich - Curried Egg Salad
Treble Clef Stuffed Tomato
Dessert - Symphony Brownies 
The "Birthday Girl" with her piano teachers, Betty and Ruth.
She was totally surprised by her two special guests, and we spent a wonderful afternoon together.  I didn't initially plan on making it a yearly  tradition, but this year will make our sixth tea party with her piano teachers.  I've expanded it the past couple of years to include Lori's two daughters too.  This year's tea party is  scheduled for September 15th. 
I've changed the theme every year, so no two have been the same.  This year's tea will be an Anne of Green Gables Tea with an emphasis on Kindred Spirits.  Over the next few days I will be sharing photos from Lori's succeeding  birthday teas.
Happy Birthday, Lori!
You've brought us so much joy.  We love you!



  1. Oh, I love this idea! I was thinking about my piano teacher recently, remembering when I took my baby girl to see her, thirty years ago. Now that baby girl has a baby girl of her own (and I am visiting them this week) and I am looking forward to tea parties as a Grammie! This is the same daughter who devoured all the Anne of Green Gables books, so I look forward to reading about your birthday tea for your daughter this year.

  2. And a very Happy Birthday to Lori, too!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Lori! What a beautiful series of photos!

  4. You have done such a great job making memorable birthday parties for Lori. I enjoyed this post, and what a special party this was!


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