Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 Greenfield Village & Cotswold Cottage Visit

On July 31st I blogged about my 2005 visit to the Cotswold Cottage at Greenfield Village, and my Afternoon Tea experience there.   Since seven years had lapsed I wanted to return so I could see the changes [if any] that had been made.   Last Thursday, August 16th, I made my return visit.   Henry Ford named the village, "Greenfield" after the township where his wife, Clara, was born.

Ticket Center

Entry Gate

 Josephine Ford Plaza & Fountain at Greenfield Village

Josephine was Henry Ford's only granddaughter - and since she married a man with the last name of Ford [no family relation], she retained her last name!

This plaque is located on a wall inside the plaza.

The Weisner Railroad passenger train runs in Greenfield Village, pulled by a steam engine.   There are four junctions or stations in the Village for boarding or getting off.

Before we get to the Cotswold Cottage [which is at the far east end of the Village], I'll show you some sights along the way.   Below is Henry Ford's birthplace, and childhood home.  When Henry was notified that his birthplace had to be moved or destroyed, he made the decision to move it and restore it not far from his Fair Lane estate in 1926.  It was moved again in 1944 to Greenfield Village and is furnished exactly as it would have been when Henry was a boy.   

Henry Ford attended classes at Miller School in Springwells Township, Michigan from 1873-74.    A reproduction of Miller School [below], is at Greenfield Village.   Signs containing quotes of Henry's are scattered throughout the Village. One quote that I particularly liked is "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't, you're right!"

 Main Street has some very quaint stores.

Main Street Emporium

Inside the Emporium I purchased these items.

But there was much more I could have purchased.  I particularly liked these dishes that were sold in more than one of the Village stores.   They would have been perfect for my bird themed tea that I recently blogged about [although too pricy for that endeavor].

Across the street is Mrs. Cohen's Millinery Shop, which at one time was an actual millinery store.    They still make hats there today that are  availble for purchase.   Or you can just try some hats on for the fun of it!

Catty-corner from Mrs. Cohen's Millinery Shop is Orville & Wilbur Wright's family home.

While walking throughout the Village there are various modes of transportation in case you'd rather ride than walk.    Below is the horse-drawn Omnibus Shuttle.

The Model T

Or the bus.

Below is the Sarah Jordon Boarding House.    Sarah's house was one of the first houses to be wired for electrical light.  More than a dozen unmarried male workers from Tomas Edison's Menlo Park Laboratory lived there.

Entering the Porches & Parlors District where the Cotswold Cottage is located...

on Maple Lane

At last we have arrived at the Cotswold Cottage...

With its beautiful English gardens.

The Cottage Entrance

Below is what the refrigerated food cart looked like when I was there on August 8th, and discovered Afternoon Tea was only served Thursdays through Saturdays.

But fortunately it was open for business on August 16th, and was quite busy.

Back of the cottage.

This little window on the side of the cottage is the kitchen where they boil water for  brewing tea,  wash dishes, store tea equipage, etc.

Afternoon Tea was $12.00 per person on the terrace next to the cottage.


My server's name was Kat, and she was great!

Enjoying my Afternoon Tea, and sharing it with lots of bees from the nearby gardens!

Four tea sandwiches were pre-boxed and refrigerated.  On the tier tray were two molasses cookies, a strawberry, a delicious lemon scone and a small ramekin of mock clotted cream.  The cup, saucer and luncheon plate were Fiestaware.

The four sandwiches were:  Cucumber on Wheat Bread; Cranberry/Chicken Salad on White Bread; Spinach Spread on a Tomato Crostini; and a slice of Date Walnut Tea Bread with a Cream Cheese spread.  All were very tasty.

I had a choice of  hot tea or iced tea.  I chose the hot Northern Berry Tisane.   From the choices my server gave me, none were true teas from the Camellia sinensis plant.  But the tisane was very good, and Kat checked my pot frequently to see if it needed refilling.

Below is the reverse side of the card that came with the tea meal.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Afternoon Tea at the Cotswold Cottage and highly recommend it.   As I headed back towards the exit and parking lot I passed these two cyclists.  

And this quaint couple hired by the Village.  They were one of the Wright brothers and his sister.

I've shared LOTS of photos in today's post, but in truth I only covered a very small area of Greenfield Village.   It's a fabulous place to visit  where you'll temporarily be transported  to days gone by  to see how people lived and worked - which is exactly what Henry Ford intended!  


  1. What a wonderful day you must of had! I love doing tea outdoors. There's not too many tearooms that offer that. Its been years since I've been to Greenfield village so I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing your travels!

  2. I just love visiting reproduction and historical villages. This one looks like I would enjoy it immensely. The tea at Cotswold Cottage looks just perfect. What a very special day.

  3. Wow, what a great place to visit! I'm just delighted with all that you showed, from the Ford places to the treats in the gift shop (I *need* those bird dishes) and especially your tea at the cottage. Just lovely!

  4. I know where I want to visit next time I come to Detroit!

  5. A nice place to unwind for people who especially love drinking tea like me. I hope I can visit here.


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