Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Musical Birthday Tea Party #2

Just prior to Lori's birthday in 2008, I attended Tea Time Magazine's, An Occasion for Tea,  in Victoria, British Columbia.  Designer, April Cornell, was one of the speakers and she did a presentation on tablescape layering.  She was so inspiring that the whole time she was talking and demonstrating, I was mentally layering the fabrics for my musical tea tablescape. 

The bottom layer was a floor length, black cotton broadcloth.   On top of that was black and white stripped canvas fabric to represent a keyboard.  The center triangle cloth was the same musical fabric used the previous year for placemats.  

Layering fabrics  provides a much more dramatic tablescape as opposed to a  single table cloth.  [Compare these photos with yesterday's post to see for yourself.]

Floral centerpiece was in a black teapot, placed on a pedestal cake stand.  The pedestal was removed when the guests arrived so vision wouldn't be obstructed.

The musical dinnerware was used again, with the addition of a newly acquired musical teapot with matching teacups and saucers, and Asian handleless teacups used for individual fruit bouquet containers.

White chair sashes also provided a more festive look.

Close-up of Musical Teapot, Cream and Sugar and Teacups.

Individual Fruit Bouquets
Lavender Cheese with Crackers
Tomato Dill Bisque Soup w/Teapot Crouton
Savory Course:
Avocado Salad w/Sesame Green Tea Vinaigrette
Tea Sandwiches:  Curried Egg Salad on Wheat
Steinway Key Chicken Salad with Black Olive Tapenade
Asian Spoon w/BBQ Shrimp on Creamy Grits
Scones w/Strawberry Jam and Mock Clotted Cream
Tea - Strawberry Green
Palate Cleanser - Jasmine Tea Sorbet in Vintage Egg Cup
Scones & desserts sat ready on the tea cart.
Dessert:  Shortbread Lemon Squares
Pecan Tassies
Earl Grey Chocolate Truffle
Lori [Center] with Piano Teachers Ruth and Betty

Lori and Me

After we ate we went into the living room for some music enjoyment.  Ruth and Betty  played separately as well as a duet.

Lori has a beautiful voice, and reluctantly sang for us while Betty accompanied her.

Come back tomorrow for 2009's tea where the theme was "All That Jazz" in New Orleans, Louisiana.


  1. LOVE this! The layers of fabric are perfect. That teapot is, too! Makes a perfect tables cape with your plates, etc. I love it all!

  2. How fun! The tea treats sounds delicious and I love how you set the table!


  3. Your musical tea parties for your daughter are all so special and so well thought out.


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