Thursday, August 9, 2012

Afternoon Tea with a Flow-Blue Tablescape

In January 2008  my friends and I gathered at Tiara Teas for Afternoon Tea.    The teas were held in a private home, by reservation only.  A lovely young lady named Amy was the proprietress and hostess.    I always enjoy people who are passionate about tea, but it's especially nice seeing someone from a younger generation  embracing the beverage and its  pleasures.

It seemed fitting to share this tea outing today since I've been blogging about Flow-Blue transferware.  Amy used her gorgeous Flow-Blue china for our tea [which definitely wasn't a Cracker Barrel reproduction!  ;-)].

Amy invited us to wait in her living room until our entire party arrived.   We were surrounded by dark cherry [or mahogany] cabinets filled with beautiful blue and white dishes - Flow-Blue, Russian Lomonosov Porcelain in the Cobalt Net pattern [which is  on my "wish list"] and other patterns.   We oohed and ahhed, and took lots of pictures.  

Me and Sandy

Sue, Kathy and Lori

When everyone arrived, we were ushered into Amy's dining area for our tea time.  What a delight for our eyes as well as our taste buds!   

Printed menus were on the table so we'd know exactly what was being served for each course.   See the beautiful Flow-Blue china?

We began with Tea [Imperial Spice] and Scones [Lemon/Blueberry with Lemon Curd in salt cellars].   Place cards directed each of us to our seat.

Amy's mother-in-law poured the tea.  Isn't that a beautiful teapot?  Amy's mother-in-law  loves Flow-Blue china and has a set.  It was through her that Amy developed her love for the dishes.

 Cream of Potato Soup

Somehow I missed getting a photo of the Michigan Mixed Greens Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette [I was probably too busy admiring the china!].  Our main entree was Upside Down Chicken Pot Pie. 

This is my dear friend [and tea buddy], Lori.

The last course was Amy's Petite Chocolate Divine Cake.

What fun it's been reliving this tea for today's post.  I hope you've enjoyed it vicariously! 

*  *  *

Do you remember the Bombay Company?  Unfortunately, in January 2008, they liquidated and closed all their U.S. stores.   They had beautiful blue and white porcelain, reasonably priced.   Below is a tea set I purchased at their store.  There was matching dinnerware, but regrettably, I didn't purchase it!

The covered jar probably wasn't intended as a tea caddy because it was with bathroom accessories, but I think it makes a perfect tea caddy, don't you?   A friend brought me back the matching tea strainer from a Georgia tea room visit.   

This concludes my blue and white series.


  1. Wow! That's an impressive amount of flow blue china! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time at tea.

  2. It is, indeed! Amy said they got it on E-bay, from a family settling an Estate. I can't imagine any family member being willing to part with something so beautiful, but it found a wonderful home with Amy where it will be lovingly cared for, enjoyed and shared with many.

  3. So beautiful! looks delicious, too.

  4. NEVER enough blue and white! Thanks for the BD wishes! I love your's blue and white! I didn't know Bombay had gone out. We haven't lived for years in an area where there was one, so I didn't know they had closed. I had that teaset as well. I love flow blue...of course! The tea looks like it was a wonderful occasion and I am so glad you shared the photos with us!

  5. Thank you for sharing your tea time with us. I can imagine the wonderful time you had. Your teaset is so lovely! My aunt has a large collection of flow blue china. When I visit her I always enjoy looking at them.

  6. The Flow Blue is beautiful and makes such a striking table. I can certainly tell you like blue.

  7. Hello Phyllis,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely tea time with us. I love Flow Blue too. I don't have any myself but I love it just the same. Thank you for your visit and I hope you're having a beautiful day.


  8. Oh, how beautiful (and the yummy menu is just the icing on the cake!). I don't own a piece of Flow Blue, but I sure know it when I see it thanks to that rich, inky blue color. That must have been so much fun to enjoy tea using such unique wares!


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