Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Cotswold Cottage in Michigan!

One summer day, after completing my Clara Ford research at the Benson Ford Research Library [in preparation for the tea party I blogged about yesterday], I decided to take a walk in Greenfield Village [the outdoor museum at The Henry Ford] to an authentic 1600's English Cotswold Cottage for Afternoon Tea.  No reservations are necessary.  The cottage is  located at the far end of the Porches and Parlors District.  [There are seven historic districts in Greenfield Village.]

It's the oldest house in Greenfield Village, once belonging to a stone mason and his family.  The limestone farm dwelling was brought from Chedworth, Gloucestershire in the Cotswold Hills of southeastern England.   Built in 1620,  Henry Ford purchased it in 1929 for $5,000.  The house, barn and fences [which were all made from limestone] were taken apart stone by stone and sent by ship to the United States to be reconstructed at Greenfield Village.  It is said to be one of the most picturesque buildings in the entire Village.

The partially ivy-covered cottage is surrounded by English gardens  that  Clara Ford adored.

I couldn't find a specific date when they started serving Afternoon Tea at the cottage, but I think it's been in more recent years.   I had Afternoon Tea there in 2005.   There's a Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum right now that I plan to see, so I'll purchase a "combo" ticket and visit the Cotswold Cottage  for Afternoon Tea  again and post updated photos.

Afternoon Tea is served on a side terrace of the cottage, with seating at charming umbrella tables,  May thru September. 

In 2005 the price was $8.95 but the current price is $12.00.  

Finger sandwiches were pre-boxed and kept in a refrigerated area of the counter below.   

This was my server.

It's a unique and wonderful Afternoon Tea experience if the weather is dry and not too hot.  It's also an ideal place to take a break and regroup, as Greenfield Village has over 100 attractions to see.


  1. What an undertaking it must have been to take apart and reassemble that stone building! It is beautiful and I'd love to see it in person. Will look forward to more pictures of it when you go to tea there again.

  2. What an amazing feat --- to rebuild a stone cottage and wall stone by stone! It's lovely! And the tea experience sounds a delight!

  3. Very lovely! I love the Cotswolds and sure I would love visiting here.

  4. Oh my, it looks just like a Cotswold Cottage because it IS! Bucket list!

  5. What a darling place - would love to "live" there and what a great tea time!


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