Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Teacups for Sale

I have friends who are downsizing and moving into a smaller house.  They have a beautiful teacup collection of about 25 teacups that belonged to a grandfather - that's right, grandfather not grandmother!  The couple are not tea drinkers, and don't have room for them in their new home, so they'd like to sell them.

I told them I'd post them on my blog to see if any of my readers would be interested.  They will sell them individually, or the entire bunch.  If you think you might be interested, let me know and I'll give your contact information to the couple and they will contact you regarding pricing and pick-up [or mailing] arrangements.

They're all in beautiful condition.  I saw a few that I especially liked, but I really don't need [or have room for] any more teacups.  I was ready to make an exception for the commemorative coronation teacup of Queen Elizabeth II though [which I blogged about yesterday].  They said they had agreed before I got to their house to photograph the teacups that they were going to let me take my pick of one teacup I'd like to have, and give it to me. It was an easy decision to make!  ;-)

There are six Royal Alberts, and three of those six are the same pattern, but different colors - pink, yellow and navy blue.

The green Foley is lovely too.  It seems I recall that Foley was the forerunner of Shelley.

There's a pair of  Royal Adderley.

If any of these teacups pique your interest, just let me know.  They'll be happy to take up residence at your home.  ;-)


  1. I have good taste. My eye was immediately drawn to the yellow tea cup, which turns out to be the Royal Albert tea cup. I too don't need any more tea cups, but I would be happy to share your post with my tea group if you would like. I also really like the blue tea cup in the back next to the pitchers. If you/your friends could send me a price to I would appreciate it.

  2. They are a beautiful collection. Too bad I'm too far away to even consider them.

  3. What a lovely collection.

  4. Very very beautiful collection!!Thanks for sharing!Maristella.

  5. They are all lovely, but storage space is an issue for me so I'd better not look at them any more. However, if any of them have daffodils on them, I'd be interested. I hope they find happy new homes for all of these beauties.


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