Thursday, April 6, 2017

Women's Health Teas from Republic of Tea

I was recently contacted by Republic of Tea to do some tea reviews for them.  These teas are not from the camellia sinensis plant.  They're a new line of SuperHerb teas the company has just released for women's health.  There are four teas in the series that will provide health benefits for women through all phases of life.

I love teas from Republic of Tea, so I agreed to sample two of the four SuperHerb teas: Raspberry Leaf tea for Women's Health, and Nettle tea, which men can drink too since it helps reduce joint inflammation and supports kidney function.   

The other two teas in the series that I'm not sampling are the Fenugreek Tea for Nursing Moms and the Sage Tea for Hot Flashes.  I'm grateful to be past both of those life phases! ;-)

The SuperHerb teas recently arrived in the mail. 

I decided to try the organic Raspberry Leaf Tea first.  The tea canister holds 36 round, unbleached tea bags.  The herb, Red Raspberry Leaf, can help women at virtually every stage of life.   The herbal tea is a blend of organic red raspberry leaves, rosehips fruit and raspberry fruit, with natural raspberry and vanilla flavors.  The recommended steeping time is 5-7 minutes in hot water.

Since this tea is not made from camellia sinensis tea plant, it can't be expected to taste like it. By adding 1/4 teaspoon of honey, the raspberry flavor seemed more distinguishable, and provided a good, hot, healthy beverage.

Next I sampled the Nettle Tea.  It is made with organic nettle leaves, peppermint leaves, and natural vanilla flavor.  

The side of the canister reads:  Nettle leaves have been known to support the body in a variety of ways.  Studies have shown that it can help reduce joint inflammation and help support kidney function.

It also has 36 round teabags per canister, and is steeped in hot water for 5-7 minutes.  When I opened the lid I immediately got a whiff of minty aroma, but not overpowering.  

A mild minty taste also accompanies the steeped cup.  I added a small amount of honey, and enjoyed this healthy, herbal tea very much.

Thank you Republic of Tea for blending these SuperHerb Teas for women's health and well-being, and for asking me to review them.  

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