Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Two New Dolls

After leaving downtown Detroit last week, we stopped at an estate sale in our city.  In the pictures of sale items were some porcelain bunnies that I thought would be cute to add to my Easter bunny collection. Turns out someone else bought them ahead of me, but there was a huge collection of dolls with labels still attached. There were several bride dolls including a replica of Princess Diana for $30, and many Shirley Temple dolls for $15. Initially I only purchased a nun doll because when I did a Sound of Music theme tea I was wishing I had one.  She stands about 13 inches, and her face, hands, arms, legs and feet are bisque porcelain.  Her name is Sister Mary, and I thought she was a bargain for $15.

After we got home I was kicking myself that I didn't buy one of the Shirley Temple dolls for a presentation about her at the assisted living facility. The residents probably have fond memories of her childhood movies.  My hubby agreed to go back the next morning to see if any dolls were left. Fortunately several were still there, and because it was the second day of the sale they were reduced to $10. Below is the one he brought home. Someone had already purchased my first choice, but the one he got was my second choice and I'm very pleased with her. She's the same size as the nun doll, and is also bisque porcelain.  She's from the Danbury Mint Collection - The Silver Screen Series - 1988 "Littlest Rebel."

Shirley Temple will be my subject for May's presentation, and I've already ordered three books from Amazon to read up on her life.  I discovered there's a non-alcoholic Shirley Temple beverage made with ginger ale and a splash of grenadine poured over ice, and garnished with a maraschino cherry.  I think I'll serve that to the residents in addition to their tea.

Below are the books I ordered from Amazon today.  They should keep me reading for awhile.

I Googled images and found some cute tea-themed childhood and adult pictures of Shirley on the Internet.   She was an adorable child and beautiful woman.

~ 1937 ~

~ 9th Birthday ~

Do you collect Shirley Temple memorabilia?


  1. Those dolls are adorable and will certainly add to your presentation.

  2. Those dolls are adorable. My twin sister and I collect dolls. Do you know that the little boy in the photo of Shirley Temple[the one with the Mickey Mouse doll] is child star Dickie Moore. He was featured in "The Our Gang Series. He later in life married actress Jane Powell. Enjoy your dolls.

  3. I always loved (and still do) watching Shirley Temple movies. Sure wish I still had my Shirley Temple doll that I received one Christmas, even though one of my little sisters made a mark on her face with a Marks-a-Lot. I was sooo mad! Just recently, I just "had" to buy a doll from ebay---Anne of Green Gables. It just goes to show you that you can never be too old to love dolls!


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