Monday, April 10, 2017

18th Questers' Luncheon

On Saturday I, along with a group of friends, attended the Mah-Nah-Be-Zee Questers' Chapter 198 annual Tablescape luncheon. This was their 18th luncheon with fabulous tablescapes, and it gets better and larger every year.  I think they've just about reached their max capacity though.  The theme was 50 Shades of Color. The doors opened at 11:00 a.m., and I had one hour to photograph 58 tablescapes to share with you.  Mah-Nah-Be-Zee is the Indian name given to Detroit's Belle Isle, and translated it means "White Swan."  Yvonne Leslie, now deceased, started the luncheons, so they are now named in her honor.

I shared tablescape photos from their 2014 and 2015 luncheon, but I must not have gone in 2016. Since there were 58 tables, the photos will be shown in multiple posts.

I took a photo of my girlfriend, Linda [left], because she said she tried to dress in keeping with the theme, 50 Shades of Color.  ;-)  My girlfriend, Lori, right.

We were seated at table #2 - Oceans of Aqua, which happened to be the #1 winning table.

Table #1 - Under the Big Top  

Table #3 - Tale as Gold as Time [Beauty and the Beast]

Table #4 - A Visit with Anne of Green Gables 💚

Table #5 - A Blue Christmas Without You

Table #6 - Roaring Twenties

Table #7 - Kindergarten Colors

Table #8 - Monet's Lemon Branch

Tomorrow's post will begin with table #9.


  1. Funny that I came upon this post this morning. Yesterday afternoon my husband and I were going through old photos and came across several of me on Belle Isle! It was so long ago I'd forgotten I'd been there!

  2. Oh, I love seeing the photo of these tablescape events. The ones you showed today are gorgeous and I'm sure the others will not disappoint. Thanks for taking all the photos to share with us.

  3. How lovely! The table you sat at was gorgeous! How clever and creative!

  4. Beautifully decorated tables! Loved the Green Gables one. Your friends look so pretty! Thanks for sharing!


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