Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tea and Skyline vs. Tower High School

Our youngest son is the Athletic Director at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, MI.  He arranged with the Athletic Department at Tower High School to have his team come play Tower's team last Thursday night.  [Tower is the high school he graduated from].

It was a fun night.  I haven't been to a high school basketball game in years - probably since Jeremy played!

Jeremy's wife and children came to watch the game, and spend the night at our house afterwards. Our daughter, Lori, came to the game too.

  [Lori, Me, Jerry, and Ellie]

Our daughter-in-law, Samantha, was on Tower's girl's basketball team, and was a skilled player. She's pictured below with her former basketball coach [far left], who later became Tower's Athletic Director [now retired].  Samantha is second from left, and her sister and mother are on the right.  

It was almost a reunion of sorts, because Jeremy contacted a couple of his old teammates, and they came to watch the game too.  [Jeremy is on the far right.]

Below is hubby [Jerry] with granddaughter, Isabella.  Grandson, Landon, was too busy running around with his cousins to take time out for a  photograph.

Now to bring this around to tea...  They brought me a belated birthday gift when they came - a box of 12 Tea Forte silk pyramid infusers filled with green tea.   The teas are in a heart-shaped box supporting Hope Heart Institute.  

~ The box says "Teas for the Heart" ~

The organic green teas are:  Mango Peach; Lemon Sorbetti; Moroccan Mint; and Jasmine.

~ I had Mango Peach for breakfast this morning. ~

~ With a slice of Pistachio bread that Samantha made.  Yum! ~

They also gave me a gift card to P.F. Chang's, so I know where Jerry and I will be going for lunch one day this week!  I can hardly wait to get some of their White Tangerine tea served in a tetsubin teapot.

On Friday, we were all kids and went to see Disney's Zootopia - a very cute movie for children.

We went to a fairly new theater in the area with reclining seats!  Awesome!  Being served tea is the only thing that could have topped the relaxing seats!  ;-)

[Internet Photo for Emagine Theater]


  1. What fun to have a mini-reunion at a basketball game! And that heart-shaped box of tea is a lovely gift. I am not much of a movie-goer but I might go more often if our theater had some of those reclining seats! (Or I might go to sleep during the movie. LOL)

  2. What fun for all of you at the basketball game!
    The tea gift was perfect for you, Phyllis, and the gift card will be put to good use. Now you have me thinking about the white tangerine tea that I've never experienced!

  3. Such a lovely family times. Wish we can gather and spend time together yours.

  4. Great family moments. Watching gets interesting when watched together with love ones.


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