Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2nd TV Program at WBRW

Yesterday I returned to WBRW TV for a second program filming - Dining at J.L. Hudson's Department Store.

I thought since it was my second program and I knew what to expect, it would be easier. Wrong!  It was actually more difficult.  I have a whole new appreciation for TV personalities. Their jobs are a lot harder than it looks. The program will be edited and available for viewing in about two weeks. I'll keep you posted.

The set crew did an awesome job of simulating Hudson's Mezzanine Tea Room.  Since no one in all of greater Detroit seems to have an actual photograph of the Mezzanine Tea Room [although I'm sure one must exist somewhere], they didn't have to duplicate the actual tea room.

The format was the same as last time - I was interviewed by Nannette Gibson [the station's program coordinator], while seated at a table in the tea room.  Very creative and fun!

It will be another 30 minute program.  At the conclusion of the 'interview' the Operations Manager, Paul D'Angelo, played the role of a server, and brought each of us a Maurice Salad, Hudson's famous signature dish.

I brought all the ingredients for the crew to have Maurice Salad when the filming was done.

For local readers, you will recall Hudson's distinctive green color - which was the color of my outfit. I wear it almost every time I do a Hudson's presentation. Pictured with me below is Nannette Gibson.

I brought all my Hudson's memorabilia so individual photos could be taken of each item which will be scrolled on the TV screen throughout the program.  Below is the crew: L-R: Nannette, Ed Horn, Me, Paul D'Angelo, Tara Humphrey [Producer/Editor] and Dillon Murray.

Mr. Horn and Mr. D'Angelo took several pictures too, so if I'm able to get copies from them, I'll add them to this post later.


  1. Can't wait! I really enjoyed your first program and am looking forward to the link to the second episode.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this one, too.


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