Tuesday, March 1, 2016

An Adventuresome Day!

I normally post events in the order they happen, but today's post is going to be out of sequence. It's a recap of last Friday, Feb. 26th.  The definition of "adventurous" definitely describes the happenings of the day!  Pour yourself a cup of tea and journey back with me...

My girlfriend arrived at my house around 10:30 a.m. and we were off for a fun day in Plymouth, MI. We had 11:30 a.m. reservations at Sweet Afton tea room, which I've blogged about three times previously.

Two days prior, Mother Nature visited Michigan with the worst ice/snow storm of the season. But the roads were clear on Friday, so we launched out.  We were cruising along on I-696 when a large sheet of ice flew off the top of the truck in front of us and went airborne. Within seconds it crashed down onto my windshield, shattering the glass. God's protection was definitely with us because I was calm, and retained control of my car.  We were able to catch up with the truck and copy the contact information, then motioned the driver to pull over.

He was unaware the ice had blown off his truck [pictured below]. Cooperatively, he provided his licence information, and I called my hubby to see what I should do.  Most of the damage was done to the middle and passenger's side of the windshield.  My hubby said since the windshield was safety glass, and we were closer to the tea room than returning home, to proceed to the tea room. 

Below is what my windshield looked like.  My girlfriend and I were more than ready for a fortifying cup of tea by the time we arrived at the tea room!

When my hubby took the car to the repair shop, they told him it's a good thing the sheet of ice hit the edge of the roof line first to break its fall, otherwise it would have crashed right through the windshield!

My girlfriend and I thanked the Lord repeatedly that what could have been a disaster, was just an unpleasant experience!

We were the first patrons to arrive at Sweet Afton.  In spite of the fluky accident, we were only a couple of minutes late for our reservation.

~ My girlfriend, Lori, and I were seated in a nice quiet corner. ~

~ Amazingly, I was unfrazzled and able to enjoy our tea time.  ~

My tea of choice was Raspberry Royal, and Lori had Wild Cherry Amaretto.

~ Beautiful Teacups ~

~ We ordered the Robert Burns meal. ~

The meal included Broccoli/Cheddar Quiche, Potato/Corn Chowder, and a Cheddar Muffin. 

From Sweet Afton we walked a short distance to TranquiliTea - a fun tea shop to browse.

My purchases were a mauve heart-shaped teacup [for Valentine's Day next year]...

A cute tea-themed Easter book to read to my granddaughter, Ellie...

And a 3" x 3" Gantz pewter teapot ornament for my daughter.

Then we walked a couple of doors down to the lovely home goods store, Home Sweet Home." At the back of the store is a small boutique of ladies' jewelry and accessories.

I saw so many pretty things, but only purchased a pearl necklace.  It will go nicely with Downton Abbey style costumes or current fashions. 

Then we were off to the Plymouth Historical Museum to see "It's a Downton Abbey Thing" exhibit. Since I took a lot of pictures to share, that'll be tomorrow's post.  

My hubby drove to Plymouth and switched vehicles with us.  The windshield stayed intact throughout his drive home, and we felt much safer driving home in his car. In spite of everything, it was a fun day.  Moral of the story:  Don't travel behind a truck after an ice storm, because I've discovered this kind of accident is not uncommon.  Hmm... at what point will companies be required to make sure the roofs of their trucks are ice free before they go on the roadways???


  1. So glad you and Lori are safe and were able to enjoy the day.

  2. So glad you were unhurt and that you could continue on for your fun day!

    The Sweet Afton tea shop looks delightful and so did your shopping!

  3. That windshield! Oh, my goodness, it is amazing that nobody was hurt and you were able to continue with your planned activities for the day. I thank the Lord for protecting you. The rest of the day sounds delightful, though. I got that same "Bunnies for Tea" book for my granddaughter last year - she loves it.

  4. So glad you are both safe! What a scary experience - so glad it didn't ruin your plans for the day!

  5. What an experience! Glad you were both unscathed and could proceed with your plans. What a fun day! My grandsons LOVE bunnies for tea! I think its the poor bunny falling in the teacup that they enjoy. Those cheddar muffins are sooo good. They also serve them at their tea room in Adrian.
    Sips and Smiles,

  6. That turned out to be quite an adventure, indeed! So glad you were kept safe and could still enjoy your day!

  7. Oh I am so glad you and your friend are okay after that scary accident! My goodness you did need a cup of tea after that! Your visit at Sweet Afton tea room brought back so many happy memories with my daughter! I have pictures of that wonderful time with her and friends. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Forgot to mention I love your teacup sweater! So cute on you!


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