Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Making a Blogging Change

I'm now into my fifth year of blogging, and it's been an activity I've thoroughly enjoyed.  For a while now, however, I've noticed 'blogland' has been changing, and my blogging friends have noticed it too.

There are more blogs than ever, but life's busy, fast-paced living hasn't decreased. Internet time is shared between e-mails, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Consequently, blogland [for the most part] isn't as active as it used to be.  

As a result, I've re-evaluated posting six days a week, and will be limiting posts to events I feel will have the greatest interest and appeal to readers.  Posts will no longer be daily, but periodic.

To those who've been faithful supporters since I began my blogging journey in January 2012, thank you so much!  

As always, I wish you the best in tea!
~ Phyllis


  1. I believe you are correct on the change among blogs and blog reading. As you know, I've been blogging since January, 2008. My writing style has changed, my time for blogging has decreased with family time requirements. I think I've posted about every teacup and teapot I own. :-)

  2. I can see how daily blogging could be very difficult - however, I'll look forward to seeing your blogs when you do post them.

  3. I am a sporadic blog reader, but I always enjoy and appreciate being able to scroll through all your posts and catching up. Thank you for the tea education you've given. I hope you continue. You are welcome to always link up your posts on ATAA FB.

  4. It is a amazing how things are changing, and we just have to do what we feel comfortable with, or seems to be best for us....I totally understand!

  5. I will miss your frequent posts but I understand. I know it is better for me and more enjoyable to post when I have time. Seems like the older I get the busier I am! Wishing you and Jerry a beautiful spring!
    Hugs, Nancy

  6. I certainly understand where you are coming from, Phyllis. It takes time and energy to blog every day. I will enjoy your posts when you share them with us. Have a lovely day and Happy April, my friend!


  7. Well, at least this will give me an opportunity to catch up! I will miss the more frequent posts, but I definitely understand ... and have been pondering making a change on my own blog regarding frequency and even the exclusivity of the topic! Life is always changing, isn't it? But I will look forward to your event posts even more now!


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