Thursday, March 24, 2016

Extended Christmas and Birthday, and Girls' Night Out

It's hard to believe three months have lapsed since Christmas.  My girlfriend and I didn't have an opportunity to get together before Christmas, so we've had each other's Christmas gifts, and we also exchange birthday gifts, so Sandy had my birthday gift too.

A group of girls that we went thru school with [Jr. and Sr. high] meet once a month for Girls's Night Out, which is simply dinner at a different restaurant each time.  The gathering for March was last Tuesday night at Olga's Kitchen [Greek cuisine].  Both Sandy and I had the evening free, so I drove down to my childhood stomping grounds to meet Sandy an hour before the other gals arrived to exchange our gifts and get caught up on each other's news.

My gifts were lovely, and it was actually fun getting them later as it extended the occasions. I received a pretty sweater and scarf [which I didn't photograph] for Christmas along with a tin of Harney & Son's Celebration Tea.  Ironically, we gave each other the same tea!  Don't they say great minds think alike?  ;-)

For my birthday I received a personalized red apron, and a Jim Shore birthday angel. It's a lovely addition to my angel collection.  Thank you, Sandy!

Our group was minus four gals, but the five of us who made it had an enjoyable evening. 

Raising my teacup to friendship!


  1. What thoughtful gifts

    Great minds do think a like!

  2. Lovely gifts, and fun times with friends - sounds like a wonderful evening.


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