Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday with Family

Our entire family wasn't together on Easter, but we spent the day with our middle son and his family.

Granddaughter, Brianna, was home from college in Nashville for the holiday, and it was great to see her again.  Brooke was also very happy to have her big sister home.

 ~ Brooke [L] and Brianna [R] ~

After church we went to Steve and Sharon's for dinner - grilled chicken and steak kabobs with family favorite sides.  Yum!  Mother Nature gave us beautiful weather - it climbed up to 60 degrees.

After dinner we went to see the newly released movie, Miracles from Heaven - a first for me to go the movies on Easter.  

The movie is a true story based on the 2015 New York Best Seller book of the same name, written by Christy Beam about her daughter, Annabelle.

It's a message of hope, reminding us that miracles are everywhere if we open our eyes to see them. Annabelle's diagnosis with a painful, incurable digestive illness was very sad [it's impossible to watch a child suffer and not cry], and when she was miraculously healed through a terrible accident, I cried tears of joy over God's goodness.  In other words, take Kleenex because you'll definitely need them!

On Easter Sunday it was good to be reminded that God is all about the miraculous, not only the resurrection of His Son over 2,000 years ago, but a 2012 documented healing miracle that occurred in a small Texas town with Annabelle Beam.

To bring this post around to tea - iced tea was the family's beverage, since the setting was Texas where iced tea is consumed in copious amounts.

After the movies there was still time to get my walk in before evening set in. More on that tomorrow...

I hope your Easter was happy and joyous!  

We will travel to Chelsea next week to visit our youngest son while the three youngest grandchildren are on spring break from school.  Even though Easter has passed, I bought all the items to make the fun treats [pictured below] with them.  Peeps and Twinkies are good anytime! I read that over 700 million Peeps are consumed every year.  The people at Peeps have to make 5 million a day just to keep up.  A bit of trivia in case it should ever be included in the Trivial Pursuit game.  ;-)

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  1. Awww, those little Peeps racers are cute! I'm glad the movie was good, I've seen previews of it and thought it would be a good one. Miracles do happen. Happy Easter to you and yours, I'm glad you got to be with some of your family on this special day.

  2. I went to see Miracles from Heaven with a group of ladies from church last week and it certainly was an inspiring true story.

  3. Oh, I love your creative Peeps! Glad to hear you had a lovely Easter that emphasized miracles of the past as well as the present!

  4. That movie sounds great- and who doesn't just adore Jen Garner? She is just too cute! Thanks for the recommendation - there's so many Christian based movies out right now, and I haven't seen any of them yet!


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