Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Vintage China Ramekin Collection

Prior to 2004 I didn't know vintage bone china ramekins and saucers existed.  All I had seen were stoneware/fireproof ramekins sold in modern-day stores.  Then I went to an event in Sandestin, Florida, and had Afternoon Tea at Magnolia & Ivy where they used small, delicate, hand-painted ramekins for serving soup.  They were beautiful!   Since I had aspirations of opening a tea room of my own, I began looking for them in antique stores. They're not as plentiful as teacups and saucers, but the hunt was fun.  

Opening a tea room never materialized, so I've stopped collecting them [which has required great discipline!].  I treasure the ones I have from Austria, Germany, and France [Limoges]. When recently organizing totes, I put them all together knowing I'd be photographing them for this post. These pictures may not be all of them [a few strays could be in other totes], but it's the majority of them.

[Set of Two]

According to my limited research, ramekins date from the late 1800's until around the 1930's. They were used for serving foods prepared with eggs, [custard], or cheese.  Magnolia & Ivy repurposed them for soup.  If anyone has more information, please share.

[Set of Four]

[Set of Four]

Below is the first set I purchased at an antique mall in Nashville, Tennessee.  Since they're rather hard to come by, I still remember the excitement I felt when I spotted them in a locked display case.  They're from Germany.

[Set of Four]

The ramekin below is one of my favorites. I've included a side view too.  It's a blue version of the beige one at the top. 

~ Another favorite. ~

~ Also a favorite. ~

My hubby bought me the ramekins below at an antique store in Niagara-on-the-Lake for our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  They go nicely with Royal Albert Old Country Roses china. Surprisingly, I don't have any ramekins from England.  Surely British potteries made them.

[Set of six]

You can always tell Limoges china, can't you?  A design is inside and outside these ramekins. 

[Set of four]

There are ramekin forks to go with the dishes, but I don't have any.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing my vintage ramekin collection.  Do you collect them?


  1. They are all beautiful! No I don't have any ramekins except for the sturdy baking type! I have been to Niagara-on-the-Lake with my family and loved the area. Would like to visit again someday!

  2. You have a lovely collection of ramekins. They are all beautiful, but different.


  3. They are beautiful and so delicate looking.

  4. Oh my, how impressive to see this great array of vintage ramekins all at once! I have a few white stoneware ramekins, but alas, that is all. These would have been lovely at my tea party last week to serve the mini quiches. Maybe I'll look for four vintage ones myself. Just four, mind you …

  5. Love seeing all your ramekins. I have only a few (one of your previous posts was the first time I knew their name) that I treasure.


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