Thursday, January 7, 2016

Repurposing Nostalgic Ice Skates

In granddaughter Tiffany's younger years, she took ice skating lessons, and Jerry and I used to go watch her skate at the indoor rink on Saturdays where she learned to be a very good skater.

Now fast forward to this past September when my daughter, Lori, downsized her residence after becoming an empty-nester.  On moving day, she had a bag of the kids things they weren't keeping to drop off at Salvation Army.  Inside the bag were two pairs of Tiffany's ice skates. Well... I couldn't let those get away, and with Lori's permission retrieved them from the bag.

Yesterday I went to the craft store and purchased $7.75 worth of materials to make a wintry arrangement in one of the skates to hang on our front door.  I was quite pleased with the results, and will be reminded of Tiffany every time I use the front door.

I need to do some photo retakes when the sun is in the opposite direction so there aren't reflections on the glass, but these will suffice for now.

I wish little feet still filled those skates, but time marches on!  Here's a picture of Lori and her three children on Christmas Day 2015.  They're all grown up now, and their childhood is just a pleasant memory.

[Lori standing. L-R front: Brandon, Marissa, and Tiffany]


  1. Very cute! My mom uses her old skates, from when she was a girl in Michigan, every winter as decoration too!


  2. Your craft with the old skates is perfect - and your daughter and her children are beautiful. Oh how they do grow so fast!

  3. Yes -- I too love the ice skates for winter/Christmas decorations. I haven't painted either of my white ones. (I have a man's dark pair too) I notice quite a few blogs where they have painted theirs which is very cute too!

  4. The skate door decoration is beautiful. I have seen these often and always thought I would like one but did not have the skates. You did a wonderful job. The pictures of Lori and the kids is really nice.

  5. I love-love-love this beautiful arrangement! I wonder if there's ever been a tea party with an ice skating theme. Maybe during the next Winter Olympics would be a good time? Hmmm …

  6. You're very lucky to get some "family" ice skates to decorate with. There are a bunch of cute decorating ideas using ice skates on Pinterest.

  7. What a creative mind, great ideas.


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