Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Queen Elizabeth II and Downton Abbey

Queen Elizabeth II is said to have been a "massive" fan of Downton Abbey before the series ended in England.

She used to stay at Highclere Castle as a guest of the Carnarvon family, being the godmother of the 8th Earl of Carnarvon.  

Maggie Smith was honored by the Queen in 2014 when she made her a member of the Order of the Companions of Honor in recognition of her 60 years in theater, cinema, and TV.  The ceremony was at Windsor Castle.

[Internet Photos]

I couldn't help wondering if the Queen chuckled [or not] while watching episode 1, Season VI when Robert Crawley/Lord Grantham and Violet were intently conversing about the cost of maintaining the staff at Downton. Violet said to Robert, "You think it's a bit too much for 1925?"  He replied, " Who lives as we used to now?" To which Violet retorted, "Well, I don't think you'll see much change at the palace."  

And speaking of the Queen...below is a photo of her leaving church on Christmas Day 2015. Isn't she stunning for someone who will turn 90 in April?  She's very active too, having carried out 306 engagements in the UK and 35 abroad in 2015.

I recently read that last fall [when she became Britain's longest-reigning monarch] a journalist calculated the number of cups of tea she's consumed over her life-time based on her two customary cups a day.  His calculation was 46,000 cups!  She's a good testament to tea's contribution to longevity and health. Her favorite teas [I've read] are Darjeeling and Earl Grey.  2016 will be another milestone year for her, and I'll be raising my teacup in tribute!


  1. Yes, the Queen looks stunning. I did not know that she honored Maggie Smith. It should be a good DA season.

  2. Since I watch almost no TV I haven't seen more than a few episodes of Downtown Abbey. Perhaps I will catch it in the re-runs...... That picture of the Queen in her red coat is wonderful!

  3. She is a beautiful and gracious lady. I loved her Christmas message, too.

  4. Dear Phyllis:
    What an interesting post with Queen Trivia we all love. I would have to say she looks marvelous for 90. I also enjoyed Downton and all the later "behind the scenes" presentations. Happy New Year!

  5. I forgot to tell you I purchased a Queen Eliabeth II commemorative 1952 cup and saucer last week too. I was trying not to start something new but buckled down and got it since there was a sale. So now I have 2 and it will go with my King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1939 one.

  6. Love this post. Was thrilled when I learned Ms. Smith became Dame Smith - an honor certainly earned. (Paul McCartney and Elton John did, Maggie certainly should!) I have adored Maggie Smith all my life - she looks so much like my Great Aunt Kate that it has always thrilled me beyond words. I met her only once when she visited my mother from across the pond when I was a girl. Had my mother lived to grow old I know she was heading to look like her too, but alas she was called much too young.

    Cheerio and happy day to you, dear tea friend! : - )


  7. I saw that picture of the Queen at Christmas and, like you, marveled at how hale and hearty she looks! Long live the Queen!


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