Monday, January 18, 2016

Snowman Week - January 17-23

Who knew there was a week dedicated to the Snowman?  I didn't, until I began research for this month's theme, "Let it Snow!" at Shorepointe Assisted Living. 

Snow brings so many activities to mind... skiing, ice-skating, sledding, tobogganing, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, ice sculpting, building igloos, making snow angels, harmless snowball fights, but at the top of  the list is making a snowman.

I bought a fun and enlightening book for my presentation, The History of the Snowman.

Did you know, with the exception of religious figures, the snowman is the single most recognized icon in the world?  That you can burn 238 calories per hour building a snowman? The title for the largest snowman [snow woman actually] goes to Bethel, Maine. Olympia was 122 feet tall, and no one has topped her height...yet!  The word snowman became official in 1827 after it appeared in the Oxford Dictionary. Just a few snowman tidbits in case you're ever playing Trivial Pursuit!  ;-)

I went through my photo albums and found a snowman my hubby and children built in 1974, when Steve was in kindergarten [he's now 47], and Lori was seven years old.

Our snowman wasn't as nicely dressed as "Frosty", because we used a galvanized bucket for his hat instead of a silk top hat. His mouth was a black shelf bracket from Jerry's workshop, and his arms were furniture legs. Bricks were used for his feet.  I'm not certain what his eyes and nose were made of, but definitely not coal, buttons or a carrot. They had fun making him, regardless.  

I've been gathering snow props/visuals to take with me on Sunday. Below is a 2000 Pfaltzgraff snow globe that plays Winter Wonderland. [The slogan "Water-Winter Wonderland" appeared on Michigan license plates from 1965-1967, but I digress].  The base of my snow globe is the Tea Rose pattern.  Do you collect snow globes?

I asked the Activity Director if Hostess Sno Balls could be part of the tea time treats to help carry out the theme, and she agreed.  

Eating one of those was definitely stepping back in time. I haven't eaten one in years.  Do you remember the coconut and marshmallow covered chocolate cupcakes with creamy filled centers? I hope the residents like them, and have recollections of fun memories.

Happy Snowman Week!  I wonder if Gene Autry's 1950's Frosty the Snowman hit song will be played on radio stations?  The residents will be singing it on Sunday. 

*  *  *

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  1. What a darling posting on the snowman - who would have dreamed there is a book too. I would love to have your come share it at my blog party.

  2. Yes we both did have snowmen on our minds, Phyllis! Do I ever remember Hostess Snowballs! I always loved them and wish I had one right now. I'm sure it will take the residents down a trip on memory lane for sure!

  3. What a cute post, Phyllis! I love the pictures of your family with the snowman. I'm sure the snowman theme will be a big hit on Sunday. And yes, I do have some snowglobes. One has a ballerina in it and the other has Bambi. Both were gifts. Thank you for sharing this post with us.


  4. I so enjoyed this visit down your snowy memory lane. And now, of course, I'm craving a chocolate Sno Ball!

  5. Happy Snowman Week to you! (who knew?). Looks like we will be experiencing our first significant snowfall of the season this week, too - so how timely. Perhaps I'll build a snowman!


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